How to beat seasonal depression?


Winter season stimulates the appetite. The days are getting shorter, and the decrease in the light of the day often leads to depression and irrepressible craving for food, which is dulled in other warmer seasons. This state has been called winter depression.

Simultaneously, falls vitality, and get out of bed in the morning becomes difficult. Increased appetite and drowsiness distinguish this from all other forms of depression, in which people are losing interest in food and suffer from insomnia.

Depressed lady pulls eat sweet and starchy foods. The reason is that foods high in carbohydrates stimulate the brain to produce serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for mood.
Winter blues - and concomitant overeating - retreat before daylight, and specifically, stay in the light in the morning.
Despite the cold and the holidays, do not lower the rate of sports.

Exercise - it's not just a way to burn calories. This is - a complex mechanism for restarting the body. Full training prevents swings in appetite, improves mood, regulates the cycle of physical activity and rest by normalizing sleep, which in turn strengthens the body's resistance to overeating. After all, exercise change the attitude towards one's own body.

If you still are far from physical training, the first thing you will notice what effect exercise on appetite. The compulsive desire to eat diminishes. Magnetic properties of the refrigerator expire. Naturally, the body will require replenishment of consumed energy during the workout, but, in general, exercise to negate the cravings perekuosyvaniyu. Exercises to increase susceptibility of the organism to the action of leptin suppresses appetite.

On the other hand, getting exercise, the muscles are in a quiescent state, is not compatible with nervousness and dergotney that push us on trips to the refrigerator. Sports activities improve mood. You feel stuck to the muscles, the air in the lungs throughout the body heat. Improved health. Increase motivation for a healthy lifestyle in all its manifestations. The person becomes more balanced and confident.

Depending on the intensity of the training can occur effect of endorphins, pacifying pain and anxiety, which grows into a "high runner" at the limit of physical effort. Exercise works as a sleep aid. Tired muscles to recover in time for the night, lull the body. In sedentary lifestyle adherents sleep more restless and jerky.

Interestingly, the exercise allows us to look to the future. When after a short walk briskly you feel tired, imagine that in the near future, you'll feel it all the time. For a moment you are faced with your old age. However, if you strengthen the power and endurance to train as long as a decent exercise begins to bring a sense of vitality, not tired, you can safely expect to maintain a margin of safety for many years to come.


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