Greens - is the first and main source of vitamins and minerals, including proteins

The greens are absent only three elements of the list in all of vitamins - is vitamin K2, D2, B12
. In the green, there is one element that is present only in the green and nowhere else in nature does not occur, it is K1.

This vitamin is involved in the formation of cartilage tissues of the body (this is our ears, the nose, the nasal septum and hryaschiki in our joints).

Therefore, lack of K1 in the body contributes to the development of various diseases associated with joints. Lack of vitamin K in the body of the future mother can cause birth droopy ears of children.

As well as a variety of possible strokes, heart attacks, aneurysms because Vitamin K is actively involved in hematopoiesis, thins the blood.

With almost all of the vitamins and minerals, herbs in the human diet comes first, because it brings the maximum benefit of the body!

1. Greens - the only kind of food that contains absolutely all the nutrients necessary for a person

. 2. To get the nutrients you need to break the strong wall of green cells (careful chewing porridge or even grinding in a blender).

3. Separate food. Green - it is a separate category of food from vegetables,
and the only one that can be combined with any meal (without violating the principles of "separate food»).

4. The protein source.
The greens are very rich in protein - for example, one pound (454 grams) of green leafy vegetables contain more protein than recommended in the US for daily consumption

. 5. Essential amino acids.
All green plants are composed of 9 main (essential) amino acids.

6. Green plants contain protein in the form of individual amino acids, with the amino acids our bodies are easier to use than complex animal proteins (animal by the body, the same green, and for their own use and not for our).

7. In contrast to animal proteins, green proteins do not lead to cancer.

8. Fiber.
Greens contains big amount of insoluble fiber, which absorbs toxins colon like a sponge. Without it, a complete cleansing of the bowel is almost impossible, if not impossible.

9. As a result, insufficient fiber intake is a major cause of premature aging of people.

10. Homeostasis.
Being the source of all essential human nutrients, herbs as well as possible nourishes the endocrine system and thus contributes to the regulation of homeostasis.

11. hypoacid.
Reduced gastric acidity violates the absorption of nutrients necessary for health, which leads to disease.
Regular consumption of green cocktail has a major impact recreation, normalizing the concentration of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice.

12. Chlorophyll - prevention and treatment of cancer
. More than 75 years ago, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize, revealing that cancer is caused by impaired cellular respiration when cells lack oxygen.
Greens rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is rich in oxygen.

Numerous scientific studies show that there is hardly a disease in which it would be impossible to improve the condition with the help of chlorophyll.


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