How to make perfect mashed potatoes without lumps

Mashed potatoes is one of the leading places in the list of popular Russian side dishes. It goes well with dishes of vegetables, meat and fish, so mashed potatoes - a truly versatile side dish, delicious and very satisfying. It would seem that could be easier? Potatoes, butter and milk - no secret ingredients. But there are some important rules that will allow you to cook mashed potatoes desired color and consistency. Website published an article revealing the secrets of mashed potatoes.

1. How to choose a potato h3> For the perfect mashed potatoes is better not to use young and loose potatoes, we recommend it simply boiled and served with dill and butter. But the air is obtained from mashed longer young, but in any case not sprouted potatoes. Choose elastic tubers with smooth and thick-skinned.

2. How to cook it h3> The cooking potatoes is no big deal, but for the preparation of excellent mashed it must necessarily be cleaned and cut into equal parts. Try not to cut the potatoes too small. So of course he will cook faster, but loses more starch. It is important to put the potatoes in cold water and has a boiling and slightly salted. Once the potatoes are cooked, it should be drained and slightly dry on a warm plate.

3. The better to stretch potato h3> Many people, of course, want to save time and use a food processor, blender or mixer to knead the potatoes. We still advise to spend a little effort and do it manually via tolkushkoy. Choose a simple wooden or special perforated stainless steel and start kneading until the potatoes are still very hot.

4. How to add milk and butter h3> The main problem that faces many mistresses at this stage - darkening of the potato. If properly add the milk, mashed potatoes acquire a grayish hue. To avoid this, pre-heat the milk in it melt the butter and add the mixture to the already mashed potatoes and hot in divided doses, slightly beating. So get mashed gentle creamy. At this stage, mashed potatoes need salt.

5. When feeding mash h3> Please note that potatoes - a product containing the starch, so do not worry if at first be a little mashed watery. Before serving, garnish with the pan is recommended to cover with a towel and leave for a short time, has become an ideal to puree consistency. It retains heat for a long time, so that in addition to warm it then not be required. By the way, mashed potatoes is better not to store or to warm up, and if it is still there, then use it as a filling or cooking casseroles.

6. How can diversify mashed h3> The easiest option of how to diversify a simple mashed potatoes, add a chopped herbs such as parsley or dill. Just sprinkle with herbs just before serving dishes. Many people like to add freshly ground pepper, but this is best done in conjunction with salt. For more refined palates can propose adding a small amount of mashed ground nutmeg, grated cheese and garlic.



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