20 Christmas ornaments that can be done in half an hour

The closer to us the most magical and kind holiday of the year, the more pleasant the hassle related to training. And so they do not waste your valuable time, Website has made a selection of beautiful and original jewelry, you can easily do in an hour.

New life of old light bulbs h3>

Only the old bulbs, glue and sequins create such wonderful new toys for your Christmas tree.

decorate the house h3>

Christmas tree branches in the interior will give your home a real Christmas atmosphere, especially if they decorate toys and garlands.

Christmas candle h3>

To create this wonderful decorations you need a jar, glue and glitter.

Garlands everywhere h3>

Do not limit yourself only with garlands on the tree. They can be a delightful ornament to any object, such as a mirror.

Snow vase h3>

Empty wine bottles could be a great Christmas vases. You just have to paint them white and until the paint has dried, sprinkle with coarse salt.

Christmas trees cinnamon h3>

Cinnamon sticks, string, spruce twigs and buttons - all you need to create such nice toys.

Candlesticks from biscuit h3>

Beautiful posudki from the cookie can also be used as candle holders.

The Magic Lamp h3>

The incredible beauty of the decoration obtained from empty bottles, filled with garlands.

welcomes guests h3>

The atmosphere was festive dinner will help to create here are snowmen.

Balls everywhere h3>

Great Christmas decoration box.

Winter bicycle use h3>

Secure spruce twigs on the wheel with tape.

chandeliers h3>

Christmas balls and toys can be hung on the chandelier, turning it into a real festive lighting.

The original Star h3>

Such incredible stars are obtained from disposable tubes 30, tied with thread.

Snow candlesticks h3>

Another wonderful candlestick with salt.

serve an table h3>

Festive table setting option. Your guests will be delighted!

Refrigerator-snowman h3>

Fridge is also possible to decorate!

The pictures on the windows h3>

It is best to paint on the windows gouache or toothpaste, diluted with water.

Ice winter h3>

You can make snowflakes from the original tree. It is best suited for such crafts from popsicle sticks.

Well, the classic h3>

Do not forget all the relatives and friends of snowflakes on the windows.

According to the materials: architecturendesign

via www.architecturendesign.net/creative-diy-christmas-decorations/


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