15 videotapes, which were each

family video library - a strange thing. What did it was not: Disney cartoons interspersed with bloody militants, cheap comedies and masterpieces of art-house. It is difficult to say on what basis was filled with about VCR shelf, neatly covering of cloth of floss.

Website has prepared a list of videos, which are associated with our childhood.

The Lion King h3> The Lion King, 1994

Of foreign cartoons were real passion children 90 and the favorite for most was "The Lion King." The moment when Mufasa dies, struck traumatized many, many children - well at least humor Timon and Pumbaa, and a happy ending all smoothed. We were still very lucky "Anastasia," "Balto" and "All Dogs Go to Heaven." By the way, "The Lion King" have sequels.

Home Alone h3> Home Alone, 1990

Despite the fact that every New Year on TV shows every part of this "good" Christmas comedy, it was a matter of honor to have the tape to her home. Revised seldom and bought probably look to give to friends.

Titanic h3> Titanic, 1997

"Titanic" accrue to everyone in different ways: someone received it as a gift, someone took a look and did not return, and someone did not eat in the school cafeteria to accumulate on the tape. In general, 89% of owners of VCRs, he was sure. Hard to say what was the reason for the success of this movie: Ducky DiCaprio on the cover or a 11 "Oscars».

Mask h3> The Mask, 1994

Comedy with a simple plot and vivid main character loved both adults and children. Few people remember what all it ended there, but one thing everyone remembers - it was very funny.

Jurassic Park h3> Jurassic Park, 1993

To the question: "What could be cooler dinosaurs?" - Every child in the 90's would say, "Nothing." The popularity of dinosaurs in our childhood can only be compared with the boom in Pokémon zero or fairies appear later schoolgirls. Therefore, videocassettes with this film was not only in the homes of paleontologists.

Men in Black h3> Men in Black, 1997

The second most popular after the dinosaurs were aliens. Therefore humorous movie with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones moody quickly grew fond to us. In addition, we all dreamed about the device, erase memory.

Terminator - 2: Judgment Day h3> Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991

During our childhood, for many students the phrase «I'll be back» was almost the only known English. A soundtrack of the film can be used as a test for the age when a man learned from the first notes, so it more accurately 25.

Stuart Little h3> Stuart Little, 1999

It is difficult to argue with the slogan of the film: "The most unusual hero in the history of cinema." Mouse in a fashionable suit, which is able to talk and plus everything else very nice. Perhaps that is why this film is ideal for family viewing.

Well, wait! h3>

Thanks to caring parents almost every child in the 90's was a collection of "Soyuzmultfilm". "Well, wait a minute!", "Buttermilk", "Crocodile Gena" and, of course, full-length adaptation of favorite fairy tales: "The Wild Swans", "Cipollino", "Humpbacked Horse", "Twelve Months", "The Nutcracker". Steeper cartoons on Vidic were only filmstrips.

Beethoven h3> Beethoven, 1992

Thanks to this good family comedy, many still associate with the name of St. Bernard, Beethoven, not the composer. The main character - a handsome, it was impossible to go past the shelves, where he looked on the cover of video cassettes, sad eyes.

The Matrix h3> The Matrix, 1999

This film has turned people's ideas about an interesting story. At the dawn of the popularization of computers and all connected with them, "The Matrix" has become a 100% hit. Its revised his older brother a million times, and dreamed of leather coats.

Armour of God h3> Long xiong hu di, 1986

Jackie Chan and his possession of martial arts became the reason why karate number of athletes has increased several times. The initiator of the purchase of such videotapes was usually the male half of the family, but a look at all. At least for slicing failed twice in the end.

Taxi h3> Taxi, 1998

French comedy about a lucky taxi driver - one of the few on which you can laugh out loud. What Russian does not like to drive fast? Apparently, this led to successful action comedy in Russia.

Brother h3> 1997

At the time Balabanovo "Brother" blew the national cinema. This masterpiece has had an enormous impact on a whole generation: still quote the main character, I love the soundtrack. The film leaves no one indifferent, because it was the reality in which we live. Therefore it and reviewed.

Video kindergarten matinee h3>

We always tell ourselves that it is necessary to digitize these tapes Happy New Year, or Spring to show his children and grandchildren, as we are, funny haltingly, recited poems, and our parents huddle in the high chair.

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