How to stop being distracted by nonsense and go, finally, important matters

Sometimes we try to work the whole day, but it distracted on social networks, the news and in the end did not have time. Time lost, but to have to go back for tomorrow, or even on weekends.

Leo Babauta (Leo Babauta), writer and founder of the blog Zenhabits, tells how to stop distractions. We are in the Website have tried his methods, and you know - working.

Yesterday I was not very productive day, I did some work, and in the process found on the Internet a bunch of articles about my hobbies (mainly bicycles and programming), played with the kids games on the iPhone, read the news and eventually wrote a much smaller than planned.

All last week allotted for reading and meditation time I spend on the Internet. I think many of us are faced with the same problem.

Today, I closed all the tabs in the browser with articles that had planned to read later, removed the game from the phone, sworn never to open the mailbox. I gave myself a break from the Internet.

I meditated. Took a shower. I hire a bicycle to disperse the blood.
Then I found a place where there is no Wi-Fi, and sat down to write.

This article is for those who always have to fight the temptation to look through the news feed. For the same internet addicts like myself.

1. Realize that distracted h3> insidious habit of distractions: often we do not even realize that distracted. It comes quickly, and that's - we are already addicted and powerless, but do not even know about it.

In fact, we are not powerless. Our strength - the awareness that can be developed. Watch is: what sites you visit most often and how often spend the whole day looking at the phone.

When I quit smoking, I always carried a pencil and piece of paper. Whenever I wanted to smoke, I put a mark on the sheet. Smoking allowed myself, but first had to understand and "document" their desire.

So I trained my "muscle awareness," and between desire and action appeared a little time. For those few seconds I had time to make a choice. Conscious choice. And eventually dropped.

2. Ask yourself why distracted h3> Once you realize that you are distracted when you have a desire to escape, you need to understand why.

After a few hours of reading about bikes and programming I stopped and asked myself: "Why am I doing this?»

Because I was afraid. I'm not quite sure which direction to work, and feared fail. Now I know: it does not matter, I screw up or not, my value as a person is not determined by success and failure. So I closed all the tabs and decided to write a small program, and a time to ride a bike. Will draw conclusions in the process.

Yet I digress, because dream , how to become a great programmer or win triathlon. In reality, I do not have time for this, so it will have to part with dreams: they do not come true, unless we are willing to devote the case a year or two.

And of course, we ignore, because we are afraid to miss something important We are not physically able to participate in all the wonderful events that take place around, but it is a pity to miss them. So we are eagerly watching the events and strange enthusiasm online.

All of this does not matter. It is important to do what makes other people's lives better. It is important to learn compassion and help. On this and the need to focus.

3. Stuff to work on that h3> So, you have to admit that distracted, and understood why. If you have not yet understood, walk around the office or at home, or better go outside, take a break and think about it. The article is not going anywhere.

I thought - you can slowly start to work on it:

To start close many tabs in the browser, as you can: countless "read later", social networks and others that are irrelevant. Block favorite websites, social networks, news, games. You do not have to check them every 15 minutes. Put a mark on the paper each time I want to check the messages Take time to test: for example, 20 minutes at 10 am and 4 days. Record the time somewhere and stick to the plan. Go outside. Ride a bike, run around, go with the kids to the park. Meditate. Follow a few moments to focus on your breathing. Do this every time you are distracted. Read. Paper books. Turn off all the screens and give yourself a quiet time for reading. Find a place where there is no Wi-Fi. Or, turn off the router. If you're close all applications except the text editor. If you do something else, close all but the desired program. Remove the "time killer" from the phone: games, applications, anything that is triggered when pulling aside. Eat without phone on the table. Focus on taste, texture, color, food. Think, what benefits it brings to the body. course, you can think of other useful things - all that will not be distracted. Try to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Take a break from the screen if necessary. Possible mass.

4. Decide what is really important h3> What is important to you? Social networks? News? What do the distant acquaintances? Games?

We all want to do everything at once. But then we do not concentrate on one thing. No, even the smallest, the dream will not come true if we pursue all the dreams at the same time.

There is one dream, for which you want to follow now? You can focus on it at least a month? If not, maybe not so it is important.

What if your life is most important? Select 3-4, or at least 5 things , not more. How much time do you devote to them? You can refuse other things to focus on these? And if you can identify all four most important lessons in life?

For me it is writing, family, health and education. And no, I do not "iron man" and do not always give them your attention. Often I have to take a step back and remind ourselves that they are important.

5. Fall in love with this life again h3> Pico Iyer (Pico Ayer) in his book "The Art of Silence" wrote: "sit quietly - is the only way to love the world and everything in it is».

I completely agree. We do not just get distracted by things, but by the miracle of life.

Sit quietly a couple of minutes, look at the world around us. Observe how the light falls. Think about the people around you. Watch for his own thoughts, sensations of the body, the beauty of his breath - for the fact that you live.

Falls in love with life again and again. And commit ourselves to this love.

Author: Leo Babauta
Translation: Website



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