How to build a robot with their hands (the combat turret)

Who is engaged in robotics, of course, he wants to make the robot hands. But not everyone, especially beginners, enough knowledge to build your own robot. And the question immediately arises: how to make a robot, if you really want?
To create a robot, in addition to ideas need different complexity datasheets. Also, do not dispense with the chassis for the future of robot and various mechanical parts. Of course, everything will depend on the scope of your project. But without mechanics is unlikely you will do.

Perhaps some prefer to use ready-made designer to create different robots. For example, «Lego». This constructor has everything needed to create robots of varying complexity, but that the constructor does not come cheap. And agree, far more pleasant to contemplate his creation, if it was made independently from "A" to "Z", from sketches on paper to its full realization in the scale conceived.
For these creative people who are not afraid to work with their hands together with their child, as well as youth radio model was developed "Turret". Of course, it's not a robot, but based on my project, you can create a variety of exciting robotic device. Especially because everything is made of low-priced materials.

Build a rotary gear

Rotating turret chassis is made of double-sided PCB foil, like most of the components for homemade. This material is very light and easy to process and has sufficient strength. With tin snips can cut any suitable item.
The circular rotating tools in this project is not required, as the sector needed a little fire. Accordingly, for this task, the budget came Servo SG90.
Chassis must be held in place during firing turret and give it to roll, as in testing the model returns a shot from guns proved to be quite large.
For swivel chassis I used a home-made ball bearings. Thus, came the turning gear, thanks to the weight of metal balls is fairly stable, but the shot turret still moves slightly. I had even a little to reduce the power of the shot.

Build guns or cannon

With gun turret had to tinker. Of the numerous proven design options, I chose this option (see Fig. 1). This performance in the trunk can easily be loaded metal balls 8 mm in diameter, as the design of the gun has been very strong. To the ball does not roll on the barrel and its position was clearly stated in the trunk were made through holes.

Set guns on the chassis and swivel mechanism and shutter cocking guns

By setting the rotary tool of the chassis, I started the process of assembling the cocking mechanism. To carry out this goal has helped me Servo SG90. Efforts servo enough to pull the spring. Once the shock often find themselves in a position, fire latch, which holds the barrel in the cocked condition. In this position, cocking lever actuator that is located at the bottom of the barrel, just carry interfered shot.
To implement the shot I used a simple and reliable way. Once the trunk latch fixed (Fig. 1), the actuator must return to its original state. At some point his way servo pressed the trigger and at the same time dropped the latch that holds the hammer. This shot was made.

The store has 12 metal balls, taken from the bearing, although you can easily shoot the large beads. To facilitate the flow of balls into the barrel, I arranged the shop at a slight angle. Loading trunk balls was carried out under their own weight, they just rolled wherever nuzhno.Nachalnoe drummer position shuts off the metal balls (Fig. 1). As soon as the drummer leaves, the upper ball falls.
But there was a problem: the fall of a metal ball started to roll. To solve it, I made the side holes in the trunk. They hold the position of the ball, preventing it from moving (Fig. 2).

Applied Electronics

For radio control robot turrets I applied fee, previously developed for the project & quot; Siege Catapult & quot;
Since it is unlikely that someone will repeat radiodzhoystik , made by me, because it is quite complicated, a variant of a much simpler in execution, though wiring on the circuit board upheld the radio.
As you can see from the concept, the joystick is quite simple and consists of three buttons clock connected to the microcontroller. Two clock button by turning the turret to the right or to the left. The remaining clock button gives the team a shot. Those who have some knowledge in programming microcontrollers can write his own version of the program for the microcontroller.
For example, equipping the device has a proximity sensor, automatic fire can be implemented as soon as the object is detected at a predetermined distance. Since this home-made I developed as a basic model for the youth radio, the grade, respectively, and the complexity of the products can also be changed.

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