9 Myths About Cruel love relationship with a married man

For some, the relationship with a married man - a sore topic for someone - new. One way or another, but the theme of this problem, which has existed since the dawn of time: you are a married man and his wife, whom do you think he does not like. The love triangle in which two consist in legal relations, and two deceive third.


Cheat and change the ugly and embarrassing - everybody knows it. So why do women decide on the ugly relationship with married, but married men are solved on a shameful step, as the relationship on the side? Because she believes that he eventually will go to her, because he and his wife badly, and well here. And he justifies himself polygamous and that life at home became boring and unbearable. But today we will not talk about it. Today we will talk about you free, but for some reason chose him unfree men. Whether you are stuck in this relationship for a long time or just standing on the doorstep - you should debunk some myths that you might believe with all my heart.

1. Communication with a married man is immoral, but you justify her love. ca76f69731.jpg

Even if you love these relationships are immoral. Stealing is stealing, even if you stole the name of someone good. Maybe the reason and softens the action but does not justify. And if you steal for the sake of their own benefit, then your wine becomes heavier. Do not be fooled, you do wrong against the laws of man. And no love does not justify you.

2. If you do not see his wife, it does not exist. 5ab96413e7.jpg

You're wrong - it exists. His every morning, every day and every night. It exists in his phone and says he does not always nasty. Sometimes (and perhaps permanently), she writes that missed and asked to buy her sweets. He smiles and says something that only the two of them swinging. They have their rituals, jokes, hints, understandable only to them. They have a whole life in which there was not you. His wife, in fact, is very dear to him. That's why every time he says goodbye to you and run back home to her. To his wife. So, it exists, and how. If you saw them together, you would have been hurt by how the two are close, how much links them with each other. You'd be surprised that discovery. And you would have realized that it is better than him - she does not cheat, does not change, and love with all my heart.

3. He does not like his wife, he even not talk about. a4377a36f6.jpg

It is worth to think about and to understand. This he did at the time the proposal to hold a life together? At least, it has agreed to carry out. For whom he bought the ring, choose a place poromantichnee, prepared speech and get up on one knee? For her. For you, it is on is not decided. Is not it so? He did not dare to live with you every day of your life. I do not agree to see you in curlers and dressing gown, to share with fried eggs for breakfast, go shopping, choosing a jacket for him and coats for you. Give on March 8 mandatory program - perfume, flowers and candy. Every day, every year - with her, for her, for her sake. His wife - a measure of his determination and love. And most likely, there still remains a lot and the first and second. But this is only their own business. You are not to blame.

4. He loves you. 56caaf598f.jpg

If you are sure, then re-read the previous myth. Did not help? Then think about it better. How do you decide that he loves you? His words convinced you? Well, it's time you take off all his spaghetti with ears. Ears do not like, no, listen to them. Through them, the sounds come to you in the brain where you have to analyze them.

About the love of a man should be judged by his actions, not words. Is he introduced you to friends as your favorite woman? I am acquainted with your parents? Does he care about your outlook on life? It is open for a serious relationship that you so desire? Did you meet with him, openly? In the end, unless he bought you a ring and said the same words? Or is it just tells you how it is bad at home, he can not throw the nobility of his wife and children, as responsible for them?

So, use your ears on purpose - as an input device information to the brain - to listen. And even better - try not to listen to him at all, that it is not exploited your ears.

5. You are satisfied, you are a modern woman with wide views. 77212e12ca.jpg

Unwind while back and find the point where you forget about the dreams of a charming prince on a white horse. Find a time when you decide that you can be content with little. When you decide that the one, the only - is a myth? But what about the heart? How is the same, true love, which is only you and no one else? How loyalty, devotion, and respect? Say, now that there is? You are wrong! Love will not go away, it exists at all times. That is the one and only, only yours. Your whole. Beating its place another man, meetings on the run, you just shut yourself opportunities to find her. Free!

6. He finally goes to you, and you will live happily ever after. fd916dc79b.jpg

Imagine that he still came. What will change? You will have all the same, that he had there - the house with her - with his wife. Only now you will be at her place. Nothing will change. Why? Because everything is not in it. Because it's all about him. In it - the lazy man who used to work for a relationship, and used to run around the side of diversity. He decided to propose to her, but did not dare to take responsibility for it. He did not dare to be faithful, honest, faithful. I do not want to share the joys and sorrows. He wants diversity for their own comfort. He finds himself another other. But he will never change if you leave. After all, only the people can change themselves. Therefore all again. And you get ready to be in place of his wife, and when he decides to come to you with things.

7. Their relationship fell apart and so, as you have become a catalyst. And other stuff. 6fab36d75c.jpg

Look at the situation soberly. If something wobbles and collapses, it will collapse, and without your participation. If you do not fall apart - then it keeps. And you have no right to blow up the building, which is not yours. It is better to think about it, it keeps it all bad, if your efforts (kind words, passionate meeting, fishnet stockings, a delicious dinner, etc.) are not able to destroy everything? How many years have they been together? 5? 10? Is tottering building will stand for at least a year?

8. It's your love, and you do not care that he is with her, not with you. 928f1ca641.jpg

Understand better, someone you really love - his way or who are blind, of what has been. Are you sure you know him this? You know what kind of life he lives, that he comes there, behind the scenes? Did you see how he argues with his wife on an expensive cream that she wants to buy? How does not want to go to the store for bread? How not to want to help get out of the house, and wanted to lie on the couch and watch football? Love - is a constant being together, side by side. Every minute of their life together is his being. His reality. All the rest - it's a fantasy, maybe not bad, but unrealistic.

9. Officially, they are not married. ca44936791.jpg

That's no reason, and no reason, because he is still not free. Advice to you - run until it is too late.

Do you know what the main paradox here? The fact that his wife is likely good. Perhaps if you met her in the pool or in the gym, you might even become friends. It does not have to be bad simply because he stands between you. Be aware of this and do not do her harm. Just out of female solidarity. Just because he - not your only, not your prince on a white horse.

Want your own personal happiness, designed just for you? Listen to this advice. And another one. If you drew the attention of a married man, I run away from him. Especially if you liked it. Run aimlessly. Do not look at him, talk to him and run to his best. And when you meet, finally, the prince, who will love only you will be faithful and reliable, remember these tips are a kind word.

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