30 Photos sparingly People Who hit you to the core

Economically comrades can only envy, because not everyone is given this quality. But sometimes it all turns into fanaticism, which, without tears and laughter to look impossible. I offer you a little bit and relax and laugh.

to save on tow truck

These guys decided to take matters into their own hands and refused to help gruztaksi

Save or 100 to safety?

When the chef did not install air conditioning in the sales area

Operators no longer need

The registry office in a limo? This is no surprise. Metro - is unusual

Crisis. Fuel economy

In calm those passengers, we can conclude that they see this picture of daily

Hilarious post on failed advertising signs.

Caution: "Action"! Or how deceiving us in stores.

Home photo studio

If there is no difference, why pay more?

When your neighbors save on waterproofing

Officials also like to save

So were the last elections

And then the money found in the cabin, and there is no curtain

did not have enough fabric

Think of yourself

Ended tiles? It does not matter, it can be to finish

So you can save money on the Internet

Stingy husband gave a gift 10 years ahead

their boss knows how to count money

To those who are water meters

But only 500 rubles

The case in the shoe

The unprecedented rush of generosity


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