Recipe for a happy life in Odessa

Everyone knows that Odessans - people are very cheerful. They do not lose self-control and a sense of humor, even if something goes wrong.

Website offers to learn this valuable skill among residents of the famous city.

- Sarah, you have a dream?
- Yes. Lose weight.
- Why do not you grow thin?
- And still live without dreams? As told Aunt Sonya: "Over the years, more and more disappointing prices, mirror and tests». Female toast from Odessa, "So let us drink to that Schaub our dresses are matched with our dimensions ». - Abramchik, I bought a silk shoby sew your new tie!
- And why so many?
- That's nothing ... From the remnants poshem me a new dress.

The Jewish mother knows your eating habits. And she does not care whether you like the food or not. - Aunt Pesia! Why your Venia goes to a music school? He is not at the hearing ?!
- Oh, I beg you! My Venia goes there not to listen! Venia goes there to play! - How do you manage to take life so calmly?
- I'm just no one to argue.
- Yes, that's impossible.
- Well, it is impossible because it is impossible to ...

- Accept my sincere congratulations, my boy! I am sure that today will remain in your memory as the happiest day of your life.
- Thank you, Dad, of course, but the wedding tomorrow.
- I know, my son, what I say!
- Izzy, son, listen to your mom here: avoid bad company. There and the salary is small, and the head - an idiot. - Raisa Markovna, dear! I know myself, and you yourself think sho ... like an unexpected guest does not happen! There are owners who still lost vigilance ...

Odessa. One neighbor says to the other:
- Semen Markovich, I still admire your feelings! You live with a sofa for 20 years and yet, walking around the city, always hold the hand!
- Oh, Benny, if I let go of her, she will buy something.
In Odessa, say: "The woman - it's always a diamond. But the diamond out of her will or diamond drill - it depends on the skill of the cutter ».

Yasha and Yoshiki leisurely stroll along Deribassovskoy. Past them, swinging her hips, held chic beauty - just oil painting!
- Yosya you seen it? But someone still has it in the throat is! - Izzy, and that you are taking for insomnia?
- A glass of wine every two hours.
- And then you fall asleep?
- No, it's so much fun to stay awake ... When the doctor says the American that he died two weeks later, an American goes to a lawyer to draw a will. The Frenchman in such a situation, the remaining two weeks of non-stop making love, Russian - drinking soundly. A Jew simply go to another doctor.

- Sonia, for the real woman, I'll tell you this: a real woman can even legs ogle! It is urgent to do something to stop: either there or weighed. < /

Illustration on preview: Vladimir Lyubarov



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