What to do in 20 years, then to go through life in mountain


years from 20 to 30 - this time to understand what we want to be - personally and professionally. They need to spend for the benefit, in the future become a successful and happy life of man.

Website contains tips users of social network Quora, which they would like to get in 20 years.

Write down your goals Imagine your ideal life in 5, 10 and 20 years. To dream is not gone forever just dream, write down everything: goals, ways to achieve them. So you will understand exactly what you want, and do not forget, because it will always be able to "peek". Do not go on about your ego. Do not let pride or vanity blind you. In a world of hundreds of possibilities and qualities hinder see them. Ask yourself: "What if it's really wrong? What if I'm wrong? ยป< Read as much as possible You graduated from University, get a diploma, but still do not know so much. Read books about everything that you are interested in. Since a few years, you learn what is not taught in schools and universities. Do not try to live someone else's life. To measure the achievements stranger easy to measure, but you never feel that you have achieved something. Live your mind and do not do something just because allegedly "must". Your life belongs to you and no one else. Do not regret the past. There are two kinds of people: some look back, the other looking forward. The first says, "I could do to learn," or "Oh, that's if I married her, would have been a fairy tale." These people are constantly looking for reasons to regret and miss chances. And the second is said to myself: "I will get this job," "I'll take care of the family", "I can do it all and do it." Life for them - this is an opportunity to grow and learn, every failure - a lesson, but not a reason to regret. More often tell families how you like them. Let it becomes a habit. Take them pleasant things, speak good words - so you will have more opportunities to share with your loved ones life. Share your feelings, do not hesitate - will return a hundredfold. Take care of your health. Many people over 40 spend all their money on drugs. Move more - than ever get used, the easier it will continue into adulthood. But choose these types of physical activity that really love, otherwise soon dropped. to save for old age. Spend less than you earn. Open a retirement account in a secure bank account and replenish it regularly - the earlier start, the more interest nabezhit. So you will be able to retire when you want, not required in 55-60 years. Ask questions. A lot in life depends on the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Ask questions - get answers from a variety of people, and for the answers will come opportunities. Scientists believe that the pursuit of knowledge is strengthening personal relationships, because you are listening to a partner, and promotes career development, because you can not hide the desire to learn and grow. Use dental floss , in the future, not to sit for hours in the dental chair - a frustrating and expensive. Dentists recommend flossing toothpicks, and at least once a day to remove plaque from between the teeth, where you do not get a toothbrush. Stay updated on the latest medical advances , to protect themselves from unscrupulous doctors and "miracle" drugs. It is best to read scientific papers in reputable journals. Learn how to cook. Now you may live alone, but someday you'll have a loved one and / or children. Then the handy ability to cook. Another home-cooked meal is usually healthier restaurant, and save money. Take part in important projects Join a group of people who develop the culture and innovate. In 20 years, you have the energy and health to contribute to the overall useful. This is the best time to change the world. is interested in what is happening in the world. If you follow the news, you will have more chances to find his life's work, or understand where you are in demand. Bonus: will be able to support any conversation. Travel So you will learn more and understand how the world is huge and small at the same time. Admire the sights, but do not forget to discover the small cafes, shops and parks that are not in the guidebooks. Spend at least half an hour a day with myself Make sure no one hurt - the phone on silent mode in the other room, the computer is off. No SMS, and social networking - just you. Learn to listen to yourself, to analyze their behavior and experience. If you want to write thoughts in a diary, listen to music, or doing yoga - but alone. Evaluate failure Wrong, but to draw lessons from their mistakes. More failures - more new experiences. < Every week, I look back Ask yourself on Sundays: what events happened this week? what went wrong? you need to change to the next week it was better? Immediately, without preparation, to follow all the advice is almost impossible. Start with something one and gradually let in the rest of his life. Even if at least half of the list becomes a habit, life after 30 will be much more pleasant.

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