When I was a child...

In childhood and adolescence tend to want everything all at once. But the years pass and the taste of fruit -vygodnogo, not try, and not because it has become worse or is lost, there is just you is not the same. A ship under your komandrovaniem not go into the port, and you'll never be a pilot. And women are getting older, and children start talking bass, and health gradually losing the post of wisdom ...


When I was a child, adults often brought me to tears with their tedious memories of how hard they had a childhood as they had to walk to go to school every morning, 15 kilometers up the mountain and winter then it lasted all year, and still they were 3 x their younger sestrёnok back on his shoulders. Their school was a cold room, the toilet was in the yard and he had to run a kilometer up the hill. In this room, studying at the same time 10 different classes, with all had round five, although paper and pens to them and did not have enough, so they write with a pencil in the margins of the newspaper, and articles from the newspaper they first read aloud, because the books then was not there and then used in a remote closet if he had time to run to the hill. Because toilet paper then too, no one was. At the same time they are - the time to help their parents to clean the communal toilets and cleaned it every day! In addition, they cut
the forest for firewood, stoked the furnace and cleaned for 5 buckets of potatoes a day, because then in addition to potatoes did not have another meal, but have not given it to them, and all at once taken to the front. In his spare time, they managed to unload wagons with the potatoes for 25 cents per hour and fed with the money his family, which lived 5 - 6 generations of grandmothers. How do they have time to do my homework, I do not understand.

So I promised myself that when I grow up, I would never become a torment their children such tales! I will not foul up their minds about how easy it right now, and when I was hard! But ... now I'm older and wiser ... and looking around, I come to the horror of seeing the youth of today! You get all too easily, your mother! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a fucking Utopia! As much as I had this nasty, I just - simply did - still have to say: you are the children of today, brazenly do not appreciate all that you have!

When I was a kid I had not only the Internet, but also a color TV. If I had to do - to learn something, I had to walk five kilometers to stomp up the mountain winter in the damn library and dig itself in its catalogs and books! Emyla same guys are there! If I had one - to write something, I did this pen on paper! And then I had to stomp on foot through the city 5 kilometers up the mountain in the winter and went to the post office a week more and more until my letter reached the addressee! I'm not talking about the MP3 or Napster! If I had to skommunizdil music had to hoof it on foot through the city 5 kilometers in the winter in the mountain to the music store and the risk there, stealing huge black gramophone discs under nedrёmnym eye saleswoman! Or had to wait a whole day to night to record music on a reel tape recorder "Yauza" a radio broadcast & quot; Voice of America & quot; or the Air Force, with all this special muffles the KGB! And Disc Jockey could at any moment to start his talk and it was worse than fucking KGB!

Want to hear more about the difficulties? I could not so easily as you take and upload popno! We had to shove through the city in winter 5 km uphill to some - some old pervert 25 years, which was a collection of "Playboy" in Polish for 1955 with torn central images. The rest of the pictures were all smeared with dried sperm of several generations of Polish and our masturbators, and border guards ... Or what - something spinster years 29 to invite the evening, winding around his neck which - the swan pёrya and nazhiratsya port, showing me a German trophy "Catalogue Women Bella "for 1935 with Hitler on the cover for your own excitement! And yet! I have no dick had no other popno!

I did not have any luxury phone gadgets! Not a second line, or answering machine. And if I go - it rang, and there was busy, I had to call back to! Many times! And I do not whine! I did not have a recognizer and rooms! When we are one - then called, we do not have the slightest idea who it could be! It could be anyone! Parents with some idiotic kakim- assignment, the teacher, to squeal parents missed the bottom, or even menturu to call them to talk about my behavior! I never knew in advance !!! We had to shoot up and take risks, ladies and gentlemen!

I did not have video games and luxury, such as your Pleysteyshn Sony, 3D graphics! I played in my first video game at the age of 25 years on the job, on the mainframe EU -1040, and it was a black and white ping - pong! The monitor 5 x 5 cm. And soft breathed every 3 minutes of the - of the feeble CPU! But I do not whine and played all 8 hours of their working day! There were even "Battleship" and falling asteroids. All - black and white, no wind, all in one box! We had to use their own imagination, dammit. In this game it was impossible to win because there was only one level of difficulty "for the Grand Master," and it was not regulated! The game faster and faster until it broke Claudia or the player did not die of a heart attack! Everything was like in real life!

In a movie theater had no amphitheatres, all seats would be placed at the same height! And if you sit in front of a tall guy - scribe! Keane was not at all! Cable TV was not in sight! We only had 4 channels, all the time that shows an old marazmatik Brezhnev! You've got Over 100 channels, there popno, only 2 courses, 5 - other sports 2 -only cartoon! 24 hours every day! I had to shove toon walking through the city 5 kilometers up the mountain in the winter! When TV appeared, the cartoon showed only 1 times a week! 1 time! Saturday morning! You hear what I say to you here, your mother ?! I had to wait a week to see the fucking Toon, idlers and loafers! That's it!

I have already an hour taldychu! You all gets too easy! I swear, you're all spoiled to the bone! You would not have survived in 1965 and 5 minutes!

And do not exclude themselves! :)

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