Why do men and women do not have to get along with each other (but still coexist)

How will develop our relations with this or that person affects innumerable faktovrov. This circumstance, and the first impression, and our state, and the smell, and sounds, and ... Website selected some unexpected factors that can play a role in the origin of the relationship.

We are not able to assess the attractiveness of its own h3> A recent study showed that men often make the mistake of believing that their friend from them crazy. And women are much more likely to think that their friends are indifferent to them - and also wrong.

So the friendship between a man and a woman of normal orientation - downright minefield of misunderstandings and passions not happened.

Women Tastes vary according to the menstrual cycle h3> The monthly cycle, it appears to affect the preferences of women. Several different studies have shown that women prefer men with a stereotypical male persons (authors of the study cited the example of George Clooney), when they are ready to conceive. At other times, it may seem more attractive not so macho. Apparently, nature has that brutal men become better fathers.

If you are a man, you look happy to you unprofitable h3> In 2011, researchers found that women find men who look happy, less attractive. They prefer guys who give the impression of a proud and powerful or moody and ashamed. There is at least one positive side: if you are in grief because alone, if a high probability that you will soon be in great demand.

The same applies to self-confident women h3> Unfortunately, during the same study found that the proud and self-confident women seem less attractive to men. Anyway ...

Our attractiveness varies depending on the country of factors h3> In 2009, researchers asked people to see the faces that appear on the computer screen and assess their attractiveness. Then they were told not to pay any attention to the person appearing, and follow the points that pops up on the right, then on the left side of the screen. Then again asked to rate the attractiveness of people in photographs.

As a result, the subjects seemed most attractive, those persons whose opinion "prompted" the direction in which appeared later point. Bean Khurana researcher commented: "Note that the attractiveness varies from one sight," supporting "the right direction. Imagine how it can change from living communion ┬╗.

The attractiveness can be a disadvantage if you are communicating online h3> Many of the experiments relating to the attractiveness, the researchers used photos, so it is not clear how their conclusions are valid in relation to direct live communication. But romance on the Internet is also used pictures, so here they study gives the most accurate result. Analysts marriage agency OkCupid studied many pictures of women, which were presented in their profiles and found: the more men differed in assessing the attractiveness of women, the more messages it receives. That is, women who have been found most likeable men received fewer letters than those that only men considered ugly, and others - interesting.

Conclusion: men tend to ignore just pretty women, whose appearance devoid of "highlights┬╗

The biggest attraction for themselves possess ourselves h3> The study, conducted in 2010, the researchers showed participants of the two groups of photos - in one group photos were "made up" of the persons of the two strangers, and the second person It was "assembled" from a photograph of the participant and the stranger. People who saw the hybrid with its own identity, but were not aware of this, we find this photograph is much more attractive than the one on which were two strangers.

The study authors concluded that the man "subconsciously attracted to features resembling his own." So we are, in fact, hopeless daffodils!

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