Like fruits and vegetables affect the human body with the raw food diet.

Modern society is anxious about his health as it is every day exposed to "attacks" from outside. It is necessary to highlight the bad ecology, contamination of air by exhaust gases and the products of human activity, poor diet, and more. On the latter point, it plays an important role in people's lives as well as food - that's what we are living through. From our food it depends not only on how we look and how much weigh, but also the status of all bodies. That is why today more and more people are switching to raw food nutrition.

Raw food diet - it is a whole philosophy that sets its own rules, but the main one - is the rejection of a thermally processed food, because fried and cooked foods lose their positive properties and do not bear a person virtually no benefit. If you want to eat right and plunge into the world of Italian cuisine, come to the restaurant De Marco in Moscow, where you can sample any Italian dish. Here you will meet polite waiters and joyful atmosphere that will fill your soul with joy and happiness.

Talking about the raw food diet, the staple food here are fruits and vegetables, from which you can make a lot of useful and tasty dishes. What is the benefit of our body are these foods? According to studies that have been conducted by European scientists, eating fruits and vegetables lowers the mortality and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Well-known fact that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients that improve the body's resistance to all sorts of diseases.

According to the results of numerous studies it was reported that if the day to eat about 560 grams of fruit and vegetables, it is possible to reduce the ten per cent of the mortality risk. This is due to the fact that food products of plant origin are filled with life-giving force and energy of the earth. Among other things, the raw food diet helps lose weight, and many chronic diseases.

Diet, based on the use of thermally unprocessed foods, fifteen percent reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to scientists, more than four percent of deaths provoked by heart problems could be avoided by eating a day about four grams of fruit or vegetables. Especially these foods are useful for people with addictions. If you want to prolong your life and protect the body from various infections, try as much as possible and more often to eat raw foods.


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