WOMEN austerity in goodness. Maintaining cleanliness.

Physical cleanliness is very important. It gives people peace of mind. If your body or clothes are not clean, it becomes very difficult to perceive the knowledge, it is difficult to concentrate, because very tactile sensitivity is related to the subtle body of mind. And a clean body, clean clothes help to maintain the purity of the mind, and therefore, we are able to distinguish good from bad, useful from the harmful, it is easier and more natural to be honest, to see the other person or the situation more deeply. When we sleep in a dirty bed, it is likely that we will have nightmares, some entities can visit us at this time because our mind enters a state of ignorance. In addition to the purity of the body, clothing, bed and cleanliness is very important at home as it is a continuation of a thin woman's body. If the house is a mess, it is difficult to calm the mind and achieve complete peace and tranquility, so women need to be happy.


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