Austerities for marriage.

1. Since marriage is associated with the planet Venus - you can wear flowers in the church on Fridays. This penance for Venus. By the time it needs to be as many weeks as you age + 1, that is, if you are 25 years old, you will need 26 Fridays wear flowers. Desirable female deity - if a Christian church, it might be Virgin Mary, and if the Vedic - Radha.
If you have a married daughter age, you can do it for her. The fruits of penance give my daughter.
2. Donations for the cows, because cow associated with Venus (feed, donate to food for cows) and the largest and favorable donation (especially for brahmanas) is the dissemination of knowledge that you can not kill cows (you can write articles telling acquaintances to support projects related to the protection of cows) - is very favorable. In the Vedas it is said: "He who protects the cows, he is very kind," is God Himself says. Ie, people, protecting the cows, the road to God, and He cares for them.
You can tell stories about cows, cows pictures someone to give, in general, in every possible way to advertise, promote - this will give the benefit.

3. Weave garlands Deity. For marriage - is one effect, and even weaving garlands gives beauty, attractiveness, success in society, etc.

4. You can also do penance for Jupiter, because he is responsible for her husband.
Jupiter favorably donation teacher Broumana guru.
Favorable such asceticism as a donation melted butter (Ghee) deities - it can be attributed to the temple.

Also read authoritative! scriptures (Bible, Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, the Koran, the Torah, and here you can turn on and "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata" - is also the scriptures, just written in a specific form for our age) - they have a special power . Not necessarily understand what it meant - important energy that clears your mind. How to read the scriptures? Suppose you say to yourself - I will read 108 days (or how old you are one), morning (before 9:00 am) open and read the sloka in Sanskrit, do not understand, but devote the fruits of reading Jupiter. The next day, open the next page and read the sloka again, you can read the comments. What do not understand - nothing to worry about. And so much Thursdays, as you have outlined - either 108 or your age + 1. After this time, Jupiter mercy to you and will send some situation favorable to arrange your personal life. Any clue how to do it.
That's all (for Jupiter) on Thursdays done.

Of course you need to look specifically each card because there is, for example, that a person with his mother relationship has not been established, and it makes it difficult, etc. I'm talking in general, what is universal to all.
The secret of all austerities: do not interrupt! or one week not to miss, ie secret - in the sequence. Receive at the end of very good results.

M. Polonsky


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