12 methods for changing destiny


Prayer means contact with a Higher Power, relationship with God, which is the origin of everything. Ask and it is given to you – this refers to a sincere prayer. Thus, thanks to the prayers, our destiny can change for the better.

The development of humility

The development of humility is achieved in three ways:

Respect for parents, whatever they may be. To any parents you can find something for which they can be respected.

• if a man respects his father, in his social development disappear all the obstacles, he becomes a real man, acquiring masculine qualities;

• if a woman is respectful of her father, she gets a good husband;

• if a man respects his mother, he gets a good wife;

• if a woman respects her mother, she becomes a woman and gets the opportunity to develop in society.

Scripture Study/

Communication with spirit guides. If there is no possibility alive to communicate with spiritually advanced people, you can just read their books.

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Practice healthy habits and regulation of his life

This includes the observance of a day regimen, correctly timed nutrition, maintaining body and mind in optimal condition. You need to do what is beneficial, useful, and it's not always what you want to do. In other words, we need to be reasonable and not to go on about the foolish desires that lead to problems. And for this you need to study and understand what is reasonable (useful, beneficial) and that is unreasonable.

Communication with wise people and attending religious festivals

Very beneficial to change the fate of communication with wise people, and visiting various ceremonies pertaining to the service of God (any religious holidays)

Contact with favorable items:

• plants or aromatic oils (Basil, frankincense, peppermint, rose, sandal, saffron, etc.);
• Holy water (positive to drink on an empty stomach, splashing on the head, etc.);
• land of the Holy places – a positive when it is in the house;
• images of the Saints in the house – give strength and protection;
• gems, but only when used appropriately.


You need to develop selflessness, to sacrifice to the needy (food, clothing, other support). It also means nothing to take from others, if you do not need this. You can accept gifts but not attached to it. The development of selflessness is very much changes the destiny of man.

Consecrated food

You need to eat the sanctified food and feed it to your family members. Also beneficial to treat sanctified food of the hotel.

The rejection of unfavorable things (alcohol, Smoking, etc.)

To change destiny, you need to otkazyvatsa from adverse things, including harmful habits such as alcohol consumption, Smoking, etc, This waiver should occur as the result of understanding, not by coercion myself. Abandon something bad can be easy, if you find this a worthy replacement, to do something useful, favorable.

Fasting and austerities

Needed to improve the fate of fasting and austerity, aimed at controlling the senses. In a day of fasting, it is recommended to spend some time thinking about God, reading spiritual literature, prayers and other auspicious spiritual activities.

Forgiveness, repentance, rejection of bad character traits

Favorable rejection of evil deeds and bad character traits, repentance and forgiveness. You need to ask for forgiveness and forgive all.

The altar in the house, to visit the Holy places

You must make an altar in the apartment, on which to place the icon. Also very favorable for the change of fate is a visit to the Holy places.

Joint prayers, and donations

To change the fate of a favorable joint prayers and donations. When people are involved in this event, it clears his mind and strengthens the mind. published


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