Date: how to win his heart THIRD SECRET - GLAM

Regardless of the plans for the end of the evening - put quality and beautiful clothes. So you will feel more confident. It's very strange, but it works - woman in good underwear feels a little happier and more beautiful, even if it (this is the linen) nobody sees. But besides the beauty and prestige of the brand, it is important that underwear is good for you sat. Properly fitted bra will give your breasts even more beautiful shape, generous cleavage, will not crash into the skin on the back and shoulders, leaving painful marks.
For women with curvaceous body is very beneficial to wear that will get rid of a plurality of transverse rezinochek, which can leave a bra and panties, because such excessive tug gums turns your body into a kind of tracks that may not look attractive, and besides, not quite good for health. Thanks to the good, proper fitting panties and thigh become smooth beautiful form. In general, correctly chosen underwear helps to make better clothes sitting on your figure that will be very helpful - and your image will be more beautiful, and you will feel more comfortable and confident, and therefore will be easier to behave naturally, and smile fascinate her partner.


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