Blind date: Six Secrets to Success

First, note: blind date - not the last hope of the desperate and disillusioned. In fact, on a blind date is realistic to meet a man (woman) of your dreams. For several years, psychologists have studied the behavior of couples and the nature of their relationship. Their findings will surprise you: the question of how they met, most couples responded: "We have brought friendsĀ».

However, blind dates do not always result in a happy marriage. They can turn into a real test, slowly but surely developing into a catastrophe. How to avoid this disaster and send the desired date for your channel? We decided to open six secrets of successful blind date.

1. Monitor the situation. Do not let others make you do something against your will. Do not hesitate to refuse. You do not have to meet the son of your mother's only friend in order to not offend anyone. Take an active part in planning meetings. Do not allow others to appoint a time and place travelers without your consent. Try to exclude from the travelers all other elements of suspense but mysterious "second half". Choose a time and place of the meeting and create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.

2. Choose a suitable location for the meeting. Cinema - not the best place for a first date, as well as noisy rock concert. It is best to appoint a meeting in a cafe or restaurant, where the pleasant music and delicious food. The purpose of a first date - to meet, to form an opinion about each other and have a good time.

3. Do not over tighten. Whatever you're doing on a first date, do not tighten it more than two hours. Blind dates prescribed in restaurants also because that dinner has a beginning, climax and ending, ie suggests a natural course of events. Brought waiter account should be your signal to the end date. If you thought the first date too short, arrange a second!

4. Do not let the "third party" to attend the interview. In the presence of a friend to introduce you both of you probably feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Each will bring you try too, and his efforts would only worsen the situation. If you want a friend introduced you to one another - excellent. But a preliminary agreement with him that in ten or fifteen minutes, he quietly retire and leave you alone.

5. Discuss introduce you to a friend. Common acquaintances - a great topic to explore, which gives you the opportunity to look at each other without showing excessive obsession. In no case do not gossip about mutual acquaintances: gossip - like a boomerang-always come back to you, and even in a distorted form. In addition, gossip produce unpleasant impression on the interlocutor.

6. Come to a meeting in a good mood. Remember that many people mistakenly believe a blind date last desperate escape ... Come to the meeting in a good mood and attitude towards the other party with interest. Even if you do not break out between the romantic spark, you can find a friend or just acquire useful knowledge.

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