Amazing facts about a romantic date

Some amazing facts you did not know about his personal life!

The average person has time to go, at least a hundred visits before marry

Perhaps some of us are so frantically go on a romantic adventure just because they want as soon as possible "shoot out" with its hundreds of appointments and go to the building of stable and enduring relationship. Maybe the one who came to the meeting "blind" and ran away from him, looking at a potential partner from afar, hoping that this attempt is not counted for the date?

Most often breach occurs in the first 3-5 months

Well, at least most of the relationship comes to an end is not too painful. Phase relations, prior to this interval often sweet time of romance, but as soon as the magic and awe are, you should be wary. From this point refers to the ratio especially careful until you are abroad 6 months.

People tend to fall in love, if the first date associated with any blood stirring adventure

Without a doubt, we love the danger and the related excitement, and these feelings connect us to other people. Visit with salsa lessons, concert, yes anything, the main thing - not the usual boring arrange a date with dinner and watching a romantic comedy. It is better to go to a horror film.

Typically, ideally should wait for two to four days (but not longer than 4-5), before calling someone after the first date

This is the answer to the eternal question? Something like that. Since this is quite an individual matter, everyone decides for himself when to call, but the figures presented - a good reference point. Whatever you do, the main thing - do not call the next day after the meeting, if you do not want to look desperate.

Users decide whether they like the person or not, three seconds

This fact courtesy University of Pennsylvania researchers examined data on which the 10 000 members of quick visits. This fact only confirms the strength of first impressions.

On average, 6-8 meetings held before the pair starts to look at their relationship as serious

It sounds true, but that does not mean you have to start counting the number of visits to find out in what ways you are with a partner at the moment. Just listen to yourself.

Accelerated dating was invented in 1999 by Rabbi

According to our sources, Rabbi Yaakov Deyo in Los Angeles came up with the accelerated goodbye to help busy lonely Jews find each other. The idea quickly spread, and the rest - is history.

Studies have shown that women are especially attracted to men in blue

Blue - favorite color in America and Europe, it is associated with friendship, sympathy, faith, and confidence must be the reason.

Bar racks are designed so that visitors be comfortable looking at each other

Now do you understand? The same applies to those large mirrors placed behind the bar - with the help of their comfortable looking at those sitting behind you. The longer the two talk, the more they buy drinks for each other. Business is business!

Four out of ten office romances end in marriage

Actually, it's fantastically good chance! Although nowadays most organizations flirt in the workplace is strictly forbidden, and there are a good explanation: What about 6/10 of those that end up breaking? But the next day will have to continue to work with the person with whom parted.

In free dating site at least 10% of accounts owned by scams

Ladies and gentlemen, be careful, because the chances that an attractive member of the opposite of a site * OKcupid is not who he claims to be.

Research shows that women on average need 14 visits to see if she likes a man, while the man quite three visits

Let's face it: Men - Being unable to hold attention long on any one thing. They quickly lose interest in things that have caught. The reverse side of the coin, when a man decides that he likes something, he quickly focused on this. So, women, stop trying to win her man. Men, and you do not give up!

According to recent studies, the chances of finding a pair of through family or friends twice that found it in bars or clubs

That makes sense. After all, you love your friends, your friends to like this man, so the chance that you will like it too, pretty great, is not it? And in the bar you hardly hear your interlocutor!

Over 50% of all single people did not go out on a date more than two years

Depressing statistics. As you are such an idea: you grab all your single friends, we have - his, and arrange a meeting accelerated to slightly reduce this figure?


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