Do not dispose of used tea bags

After brewing tea lover, most of us simply throw the used bags. But is it wise to do so? The fact that even the used bags are too good to be garbage.

1. soothe eyes
Earn night and spent sleepless hours? Do not worry! Tea bags applied to the eyes for 15 minutes, will create miracles!

Soften the hard pieces of meat
Marinate the meat in the solid tea leaves for a couple of hours. Tannins contained in it, to soften the fibers and give the meat tenderness and softness.

Admire the plants
Tea contains polyphenols, which positively affect the state of houseplants. They nourish the roots and accelerate the growth of plants.

Hides scratches on wooden furniture
Tea - is a natural dye. Therefore, if your favorite furniture formed scratches, do not worry. Hide can be using a conventional tea!

Protect pots and pans from rust
Tannins inhibit oxidation of the steel, making pots and pans are protected from rust.

They help wash away the fat from dishes
Very greasy dishes, soaked in tea, washed faster. The same goes for the mirrors, if they wipe the tea infusion, they will stay clean for a long time.

Help in growing plants
Tannins are a kind of fertilizers and beneficial to plants.

Will refresh refrigerator
Tea bags eliminate unpleasant odors. Put a few bags in different corners of the refrigerator, and soon you will forget about the unpleasant smell.

Soften the skin
If the skin on your hands cracked, for various reasons (cold, chemicals, or sports), tea tincture will ease discomfort and softens the skin.

Soothe burnt skin in the sun
Apply cold compresses to the tea affected skin from the sun. Tea relieve pain and restore the skin faster.

Will promote rapid healing of bruises
The caffeine in tea have a beneficial effect on the bruises.

Get rid of the cracks in the corners of his mouth
Due to anti-inflammatory properties of tea bags to quickly heal the cracks around the mouth.


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