5 reasons not to throw tea bags

The genius of their application is difficult to believe!
After you use the tea bags are all used to go straight in the bin. But this is undeserved. The fact that even used bags are too good to be rubbish. These 5 ingenious ideas to use tea bags exactly useful to you in everyday life. Now you have the hand does not rise to throw out the bag!

1. Skin problems? Abrasions, bruises, scratches, minor redness, inflammation and insect bites can be made less visible by using a tea bag. You simply hold it under cold water and apply to the disturbing place for 15 minutes. Tea contains tannins that relieve inflammation and irritation, reduce redness and swelling. Be sure to try this trick!
Spots, cold sores and dark circles under the eyes are also removed by the cool compress of a tea bag.

2. Let the tea bag to dry well.
The unpleasant smell will disappear from the Shoe, if you put inside the tea bag. It absorbs all the excess moisture and stale air. To keep the shoes — very reasonable.

3. How to wash heavily soiled dishes without using chemicals and without wasting time on scrubbing dried pieces of food?
Soak overnight dishes in the sink with water, threw the tea bag. In the morning all the dirt will wash off no problem!

4. Tea bags don't like small rodents, spiders and insects. The smell of tea scares them. Put the bags in places where pests have been seen, and they won't appear!

5. If you place the used tea bag in the refrigerator, there will always be a pleasure to smell. The tea bag will absorb excess odors products and support the correct balance of moisture in the storage place products. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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