Incredible use of seedlings of rye for the body

The action of rye seedlings similar to the wheat shoots: compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stimulate work of bowel, increase peristalsis, and normalize microflora, and have a slight laxative effect, help cleanse the body of toxins. Indicated in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (chronic colitis, gastritis and gastro-duodenitis) in the complex treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in remission. Rye sprouts and normalize the circulatory and nervous systems, improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system. Recommended for the treatment of diabetes, allergies, obesity. Improve skin condition, promote hair growth. Contraindication — hypersensitivity to gluten.
Seventy seven million three hundred thirty thousand two hundred thirty six

Rye is softer than wheat germ, the taste slightly sour. A good addition to vegetable salads and vinaigrettes.

Sprouted rye contains many enzymes and mineral elements, their number increases in the germination process many times and even formation of new substances not found in the beans. Sprouts contain plant hormones, oils. The presence of folic acid affects cell division, growth and development of all organs and tissues of the fetus, so the rye necessary for the normal development of the child, good for the blood circulation and well-being of the expectant mother.

It is the main source of formation of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets. Involved in the synthesis of RNA and amino acids. And this, in turn, promotes better absorption of iron – a valuable substance involved in the formation of hemoglobin. The use of environmentally friendly product allows you to save the activity, endurance, performance. Germinated beans a lot of easily digestible sugar, thus good for the body in diabetes, and diseases of the gall bladder obvious.

Succulent shoots restore visual acuity, color and hair density, strengthens teeth and the skeletal system, beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system. Rejuvenate the body, eliminate cholesterol, decrease the weight. For germination suitable grain, which need to be sure. If seeds are treated with harmful substances, they can easily float on the water surface. Healthy, washed grain in a thin layer spread on the fabric, which spread out in the tank top and cover with cloth, Pour water, slightly covering the grains.

In a few days will appear green sprouts. Preferably rye rinse, until there are greens to avoid oxidation and water as the liquid evaporates and is absorbed by the seeds. Before use, the product should be rinsed with cold water to eliminate odor. Oatmeal and salads from sprouted rye is the best Breakfast for adults and children, especially useful for elderly people.

Grains contain proteins (13%), fats (2%), carbohydrates (69%) and fiber. They have a lot of potassium (425 mg/100 g), calcium (58 mg/100 g), phosphorus (292 mg/100 g), magnesium (120 mg/100 g), manganese (2.7 mg/100 g), iron (4.2 mg/100 g), zinc (2.5 mg/100 g), there is also fluorine, silicon, sulfur, vanadium, chromium, copper, selenium, molybdenum. Contain more vitamin E than wheat (10 mg/100 g) and vitamins B1 (0.45 mg/100 g), B2 (0,26 mg/100 g), B3 (1.3 mg/100 g), B5 (1.5 mg/100 g), B6 (0,41 mg/100 g), folic acid (0.04 mg/100 g), vitamin K, and R. the Amount of vitamin C increases during germination from 0.58 to 14.68 mg/100g.

To the question: packing for 80 rubles will last for about half a year:) (if you eat rye sprouts about once a week). published 


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