Sprouts - live food at any time of the year.

Each of us has a lot of worries and it is difficult to comply with diet and avoid snacking harmful products. Mental and physical work demands a lot of energy, and we are used to restore them a cup of coffee or tea, sweet pastries or cigarettes, but it is only the appearance of recuperation, a five-minute vigor to the detriment of health.

Sprouting grains - the path to good health

. Today, scientists have left no doubt about the benefits of sprouts - even a couple of spoonfuls of the product to the working day can give as much energy as you would not get by and large portions of normal food

. What is the secret of this extraordinary product for us? In fact, the seedlings - it's the same food as the rest of the products, their singularity is only in the absence of widespread and enormous benefits for the body. Sprouts usefulness of any kind of food, and they can be safely consumed regardless of the season. Toxic additives, preservatives, pesticides and harmful substances simply can not be present in seedlings for several reasons:

Sprouts - a living organism, which is under the highest vitality
. They are not subjected to any treatment that is not contrary to the principles of proper nutrition (raw food).
It is a natural product of nature, young plant, you do germinate and, accordingly, it may not present any harmful substances.
The sprouts are useful?

The seedlings were delivered in the body enzymes that improve digestion and metabolism.
Normal food is usually subjected to a heat treatment. This treatment not only kills all the nutrients, but also makes it difficult digestion and splitting it into the body.

Protection against free radicals.
To prevent the destruction of the organism under the influence of these particles can be aggressive only with the help of antioxidants.

Sprouts - a young plants, they have the most powerful protection against any impact. Eating sprouts in food, we get all the antioxidants that are contained in them.

Sprouts as a means of dysbiosis.
The content of pectin in sprouts several times higher than the content of pectin in the berries, fruits and vegetables. Pectin, in our body, playing the role of a nutrient material for beneficial bacteria, so the arrival of a large number of pectin helps to fight infections and intestinal disorders.

How to grow this product?

Grow only for themselves and can be at home. The seedlings of rye, lentils, chick peas and wheat are the glory of the most unpretentious plant. You just need to purchase seeds, to sort them, pour into a clean glass jar and rinse with water. Then pour in the jar should be clean water (a little more than half of the volume) and leave at room temperature, but without exposure to direct light.

After 12 hours, the seeds will grow in size and will absorb some of the water, you will need to re-launch the washing, then pour the water into the jar is not necessary, and you need it, on the contrary, to cover, to avoid drying of moisture in the seeds. After 12 hours, you will see how the seeds will germinate, but they must be washed again, and the water from the jar with seeds thoroughly drained. Once you have done this, you can try seedlings. It is worth remembering that it is a living product, and store it is necessary under special conditions (presence of oxygen, at a temperature no higher than 5 ° C, but not below 2 ° C, the shelf life of sprouts - 5 days), before use is recommended to wash the product and not be afraid their growth during storage, their useful qualities at the same time they do not lose.

If you want to teach your family to a correct and healthy way of life, to give them health and strength, then ask them to try seedlings. In this case, for germination, you will need special equipment - a mini-factory for growing healthy food, which will germinate several kinds of seeds, not have to worry about the temperature, the amount of light and water. You've just upload the seeds and add water, and the machine will decide when to irrigate the seedlings.

Types of seedlings and their beneficial properties.

Properly grown produce does not have any particular taste, with the exception of, perhaps, only amaranth sprouts and sesame seeds.

Types seedlings

When a disease can help

Sprouts oats


Buckwheat sprouts

Help the body in diabetes, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and obesity + pressure normalization, improvement of the cardiovascular system.

The seedlings of rye, barley, wheat

Gastrointestinal diseases

Sprouts Flax

Food allergies

Sprouts Sesame (Black)

The calcium source, a means of disease prevention of the musculoskeletal system.

Amaranth sprouts

Prevention and help the body to heart diseases, oncology.

Sprouts thistle

As the cleansing of the body, liver disease.

For pregnant and lactating women, the use of seedlings brings relief for toxicosis and weakness.

Recommendations for use:

The seedlings should start to eat small amounts, gradually to 2 teaspoons per day.
Increasing the dose must be within reasonable limits - up to 70 grams per day
. Take the product must be in the morning or afternoon, not at night, as their active substances will interfere with relaxation of the brain.
The seedlings can be crushed, but should be, in this case, eat them immediately.

Sprouts - it is useful and tasty, many countries have prepared a lot of amazing dishes with this product, and you try.


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