Live sprout - the energy and health of the entire family.

Today we tell about the healing properties of germinated seeds. It turns out that the seedlings have special health-restoring properties, and they can be grown at home!

About the medicinal properties of sprouted seeds has long been known. Even in 3000 BC the Chinese ate sprouts beans. In Russia, our ancestors were fed wheat germ ill and debilitated children.
Germinated seeds - not the pharmaceutical or food supplement, and food, but a very special, healing. This is the only case where food is used as a holistic living organism, which is in the phase of maximum vitality.

But in order to get a high quality seedlings, you must observe a number of specific conditions. First of all, you need to take care of the purchase of quality seeds. Grains should look healthy and have no unusual for them to smell. At least 95 - 98% of the seeds must be whole and without the presence of trash or other grain crops. On the physical and chemical composition of the seeds, you must have a quality certificate (certificate BIO), which will give the opportunity to see and ensure an environmentally friendly product and its suitability for food.
Packaging with the initial seeds for germination should not contain evidence of violation of her integrity.
In no case can not use the grain intended for planting - a selective grain can be etched, ie, poisonous. Thus the product can cause irreparable harm to your body.
What makes this product so useful and necessary to each of us? And what is the germ for the person who uses them?
It features a living organism and determine the curative effect of the product - for good reason a person uses germinated seeds are already more than 5000 years. Inclusion of seedlings in the daily diet gives excellent results - can cope simultaneously with a number of illnesses, live longer, while maintaining strength and aching. Also sprouts help to cope with free radicals, an excess of which leads to an overall reduction in the body's resistance to the emergence of many pathological processes, premature aging.

Neutralizes free radicals, antioxidants, or antioxidants, the most important of them - vitamins A, C, E and the trace mineral selenium. It was during germination, sprouts synthesized in an incredible amount of antioxidant vitamins. Moreover, the seedlings of plants synthesize certain specific antioxidants.
In the process of germination of the seed of complex replacement substances are broken down into simpler ones that are easily digested. All the nutrients are embedded in living tissue and are in optimal amounts and ratios. Regular consumption of sprouts stimulates metabolism and blood formation, improves the immune system, compensates for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and normalizes the acid-alkaline balance, helps cleanse the body of toxins and efficient digestion, increases the potency and slows the aging process.
In addition to the overall positive effect on the human body, sprouts each culture have unique properties and are recommended for people suffering from certain illnesses. Thus, the seedlings of cereals normalize the gastrointestinal tract, have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, increase the potency facilitate the effects of stress, help cleanse the body of toxins, normalize the circulatory and nervous systems, improve metabolism. Recommended in the treatment of diabetes, allergies, and obesity. Helps cleanse the skin and hair growth.
Oat Sprouts should enter into the diet in severe cases - after ischemic stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis

. Buckwheat sprouts improve the condition of blood vessels. They are used for diseases of the liver and kidneys. Lentil sprouts promote blood formation, increase the level of hemoglobin, essential for prevention of colds. Flax sprouts contain a large amount of alpha-linolenic acid, which is involved in the construction of cellular membranes; reduced elasticity and strength of blood vessels, brain support. Sprouts sesame strengthens the skeleton, teeth and nails, regular intake helps to restore the tooth enamel.
Mung bean sprouts and chickpeas - the perfect prophylactic against colds and flu
. Plantlets pumpkin possess anthelmintic active action useful in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Sprouts thistle - a powerful hepatoprotective. Reduce the damaging effects of drugs and toxic substances from entering the body of the human environment. Effective in the treatment of various liver diseases, including those caused by alcohol.
The good news is that today the opportunity to simplify the germination process using special containers, the so-called sprouterov. They exist in both manual and automatic. The features of this device are that it is simple to operate, easy to clean, comprises edible, non-polluting, is resistant to breakage and scratch material has ventilation holes for good air circulation grooves for the retention of water, provides the emitted light in the optimum amount and prevents contamination in the middle of the tank.
Also, sproutera important feature is that the diversity of their diet at the same time it can be different types of crops germinate. This is ensured by the tank convenient design. It is composed of three tiers, each of which fit different types of grains.

Sprouter completely disassembled, so that only one layer, proraschivaya one culture may be used, and can be all three simultaneously. These tanks is much easier to apply, and the grain in them germinate faster. By purchasing capacity for germination, make sure that it is made from food-grade material. This will protect against the toxicity of germinated seeds.
Use germinated seeds in the food better in the morning or in the afternoon, their high energy will help to actively spend time. If you include them in the diet in the afternoon, the same energy will not fall asleep.
Accept only sprouts thistle is recommended before going to bed (liver actively cleaned at night, milk thistle helps in this process), if in this case there are problems with sleep, the seedlings need to transfer data reception in the morning.
If someone has problems with the teeth, you can skip through the meat grinder sprouted grains or electric blender, but you need to eat them immediately afterwards.
The daily inclusion of sprouts to the diet will save you and your family from a deficit of many minerals and vitamins, increase resistance to colds and flu, raise efficiency and endurance. Preventive action of this live food is invaluable.
They are especially useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers, schoolchildren, athletes, men of intense mental and physical labor, as well as the elderly.
Germinated seeds should be on our tables every day. This food is unrivaled even among fresh fruits and vegetables - as much as possible because it is enriched with all the necessary materials only by our forces and possibilities of nature
. Conducted by us in clinical trials on the use of germinated seeds of different cultures gave a clear positive results.
Here are two results of clinical trials action germinated seeds.
Clinical observation №1: patient Ch.A. 26 years. Within 3 years can not get pregnant. In addition, there is increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food, progressive dental caries, constant abdominal discomfort (bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea). After a comprehensive in-depth examination of the diagnosis: worm-parasitic mikstivaziya. Progressive osteopenia, chronic inflammation of the pelvic organs with dysfunction of the ovaries and secondary infertility. Appointed comprehensive treatment of parasites plus daily eating sprouts sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and lentils. By the end of the second month of treatment, the patient was pregnant, left abdominal discomfort. During pregnancy continued to apply sprouts sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, lentils, flaxseed, wheat, milk thistle. Alternating two or three kinds of sprouts per month by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy have disappeared hypersensitivity of tooth enamel and caries activity. Pregnancy proceeded without any signs of toxicity. Deliveries on time and without deviations. The child (boy) donoshen, Best anthropometric data. Catamnesis 4 years: a child's optimal mental and physical development for 4 years does not hurt, my mother fed him breast 12 months. Itself did not hurt for 4 years and he feels well. Continues prophylactic seedlings with a child under the scheme: 7 weeks in a quarter reception seedlings, alternating 2 types
a week. Clinical observation №2: patient A. 28 years old, diagnosed with hepatitis C last year, from a family of medical professionals. During the year I received conventional therapy in this regard. Subjectively I felt satisfactory. The blood tests drawn the attention of high titer HCV antibodies and elevated AST, ALT, total bilirubin. In addition to the therapy an appointment thistle seedlings, seedlings periodically adding flax seeds, pumpkin and lentil. After 3 months of receiving the seedlings with a control study of blood titer HCV antibodies decreased 5 times, ALT, AST, and bilirubin is slightly above the upper limit of normal. Six months later, performance has improved. A year later - clinical recovery.


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