15 things you did not know how to drink tea

People around the world love the tea and drink it every day: in the morning - to cheer up; night - to keep warm; day - at work, at a party or in a cafe. But few people know how it needs to be brewing, so he gave his full flavor and aroma to the last drop.

Website offers to figure out how all the same to cook this magical drink.

1. There are only 6 grades chaya

All teas are produced by processing the leaves of the same tea plant - camellia Chinese. The inscription on the packaging of a "green tea" or "black tea" - is a technology for processing by means of which it received.

Everything Else - herbs (like mint), fruit (like raspberry) and so on - are not tea and infusion.

2. Do not pour tea kipyatkom

Never pour boiling water over the tea, otherwise you can burn the tea leaves. But pour boiling water over herbs or fruit simply a great idea.

Brewing water temperature can be determined without the thermometer. As soon as couples and kettle starts to vibrate a little - about 65-75 ° C. And when the water starts to bubble - it is 85-90 ° C.

3. Use only fresh water
brewing chaya

When boiling water re-deposited on the walls of the kettle and minerals formed scum. And out of the water is evaporated oxygen, which is needed for proper brewing tea.

4. Brew tea is based on the ratio of 1 teaspoon per 1 chashku

Never add extra spoonful of tea. By adding it, you do not make it harder, it just loses its unique flavor.

5. Do not warm up chaynik

The only time you should warm tea using boiling water - this is when it is made of thick porcelain or very thick ceramic.

6. Remove the lid from the teapot, tea is zavarivaetsya

It nourishes the leaves of oxygen and helps open up the flavor.

7. The order of ingredients is znachenie

If you drink tea, brewed in a teapot, pour the milk into the cup first, and only then tea. Thus, the milk is heated to the same temperature as the tea and drink will be fragrant. If you add milk last, then refrigerate the tea itself.

8. If you brew the tea bag, the milk should be added to kontse

Put the bag in hot water for 3 minutes, so that he could brew, remove it, and then add the milk. If you pour the milk immediately, the oil can cover the leaves and keep them brew.

9. Remove the leaves from the teapot, after he zavarilsya

Do not throw away the leaves, you can make them again later.

10. Never press the bag against the wall chashki

Otherwise you squeeze tannins and tea will be bitter. Just pull it out. If you like strong tea with a slightly bitter taste, try the second collection Assam tea or Kenyan.

11. Why is the tea brewed in a teapot vkusnee

In leaf tea wider surface of the sheet, resulting in a deep and rich flavor. Especially if you brew it in a large kettle, where the flavor is best manifested.

Tea bags are thought up to brew tea quickly. Yes, it leaves much smaller and can be very good quality. Compromise - the pyramid, which give you the benefits of leaf tea bags and convenience.

12. Green tea contains caffeine? 47,442,222

Since all grades are produced from the same plant, all the tea has about the same amount of caffeine, including green. And to ensure that one tea contains more antioxidants than the other, no one can. Because it depends on the quality of tea, the weather and other conditions.

And to relax, it is better to drink decoctions of chamomile and honey.

13. Does tea more caffeine than coffee? 96,814,794

Yes and no. Tea contains more caffeine. But since at the same cup, we use more coffee than tea in 1 cup of tea get less caffeine.

14. If you're worried about the caffeine content
in the beverage, here's a tip:

Leaf tea can be brewed again during the day, this also applies to the pyramids with large leaf tea. So you not only get a morning dose of caffeine, but also can enjoy the rest of caffeine in the leaves during the day.

15. The perfect recipe chaya

Enjoy your tea!

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