Tea is capable of a lot! Find out how to affect the body different types of this drink.

To tea should not be taken lightly! It is not only delicious and aromatic beverage. Depending on the components, the tea may act on your body in different ways. Therefore, always guided by when choosing a tea is not only a pleasant smell, color and taste: pay attention to the effect of the composition of tea. Learn to brew tea - too strong and concentrated beverage can bring you harm, because in many teas, especially herbal, contains natural substances, stimulants that instantly change the condition of the body and affect various organs. Usually enough for tea teaspoon tea leaves without slides.

Green Tea is useful to all people with a slow metabolism. This spring drink tea rich in amino acids and antioxidants.
Tea with mint is very helpful to those who have problems with digestion. But we should remember that the mint tea creates an additional burden on the heart, it should be used with caution, and do not drink too much.
Tea with Melissa - excellent natural sedative. In addition, lemon balm is a diuretic, so well suited to those who want to lose weight, it helps with intoxication.
Tea with ginger will give energy, increase blood pressure, will add vigor and clarity of mind. When respiratory diseases ginger tea - the best way, it warms the throat and helps the body cope with harmful bacteria. Ginger is able to remove nausea, increase appetite.
Tea with chamomile - a sleeping pill now. Chamomile also very useful for the gastrointestinal tract.
Tea with elderberry tea with lime and - helps with colds, coughs, common ailments.

White tea perfectly cleanses the blood vessels, has a tonic effect. Suitable for children - there is a small concentration of active substances.
Yellow tea - an antidepressant. Usually it is brewed in a transparent container, the leaves so beautiful bloom like real flowers. Treating depression beauty!
Red Tea - warms and enhances immunity. His need to drink after a meal, because the active ingredients in tea may act too, to use it on an empty stomach.

Black tea - increases efficiency and mental activity. Too strong black tea has an effect on the body: it is not necessary to make a very rich brew. A special kind of black tea - Puer, he has an exceptional and stimulating action suit everyone who wants to win drowsiness and productive work during the night.

Tea from the hips and currants - a unique vitamin tea, which is recommended to drink to everyone who is recovering from an illness.
Any tea if it add a pinch of Cinnamon , is more effective!

Let the tea helps to cope with illnesses that are bothering you. But remember that prevention - much better than cure. In using tea from time to time, you will protect yourself from many diseases.

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