How do I know the state of health of hands: unusual, but such a truthful diagnosis!

The appearance of the hands can tell a lot about people's health. Look closely at your hands: perhaps you define some notable features that are immediately apparent. The human body - a very difficult and finely organized system, everything in it is interconnected. If you change something inside the body, it becomes visible and out. In the hands of there are many important nerve endings, so the state hands so significant in the diagnosis of diseases. Each area of ​​the palm can characterize the health of certain organs and systems.

The color
Red palm indicate hepatotoxicity: possible hepatitis or steatosis.
Marble pattern on the palms appears during malfunction of the autonomic nervous system.
Yellow skin tone hands also indicates problems with the liver and gall bladder: hepatitis, gallstone disease, disorders of the biliary tract, cholangitis, cholecystitis - possible diseases.
Pigmentation on hand directly refers to gallbladder disease.
Lack of vitamins A and D provokes peeling of the skin on the palms. When vitamin deficiency the skin peels off in small plates, but if peeling rough and separate large plate, this indicates a fungal infection.

The temperature of the hands
Cold hands - a consequence of a lack of nicotinic acid and peripheral circulatory disorders. People with icy hands constantly useful to include in your diet such foods: dairy products, meat, fish, mushrooms, buckwheat, beans, cabbage. This powerful sources of nicotinic acid.
Too hot palm reported that the processes in the body are toxic. It may be alcohol poisoning or chemicals, difficult to digest food. It is necessary to cleanse the liver and sit for a while on a light diet.
Wet hands talk about problems with the endocrine system. Tingling in the hands and can mean hyperthyroidism.
Numbness little finger says about violations in the cardiovascular system, numbness in the thumbs - problems with the lungs and respiratory system.
Redness fingertips - a sign that the digestive system is unable to cope with its functions.

Crunch joints indicates a lack of calcium. The irregular shape of the finger joints indicates the development of osteoarthritis and gout.
Swelling or the swelling of the joints indicates a possible arthritis, should be checked by a doctor.

shape of palm
Wide palm - a sign of good health. But often people with broad hands and short fingers are suffering from high blood pressure.
Narrow palm and long fingers, very pale skin of hands - a sign that the person is emotionally unstable, rapidly responds to changes in temperature, it is contraindicated for the physical and emotional overload.
People with very small hands often suffer from asthma and intestinal diseases, they are characterized by hypotonia.
Meaty palms - an indicator of possible problems with blood circulation and hyperthyroidism.

It is useful to periodically probe the palm of your hand. If at some point you feel pain, it may indicate a disease of the relevant authorities. Massage the palms and hands is useful to all, especially to those people whose work is connected with the computer. To hand is not tired of the unnatural load and there are no unpleasant tunnel syndrome, a massage is a must!

Tell everyone that the state of hands you need to pay special attention to. Health is in your hands!

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