Tea ban

In addition to all the beneficial effects of tea on the human body, there are also harmful effects, which occur when the wrong approach to the use of the drink. In Chinese tea culture formed a view on the harmfulness of tea, and it was reflected in the "Ten tea bansĀ».

1. tea on an empty stomach
When the drink strong tea on an empty stomach, cold nature of tea, getting inside, it can cool the spleen and stomach, which is similar to "the penetration of the wolf in the house." In China since ancient times advised "not to drink tea on an empty heartĀ».

2. burning tea
Too hot tea irritates the throat, esophagus and stomach. Long-term use of very hot tea can lead to painful changes in these organs. According to foreign studies, frequent tea drinking temperature above 62 degrees leads to increased vulnerability of the stomach wall and gives the symptoms of various diseases of the stomach. The temperature of the tea should not exceed 56 degrees.

3. iced tea
At that time, both warm and hot tea gives vivacity make a clear mind and vision, cold tea has side effects: congestion cold and congestion of phlegm.

4. At too strong tea
The high content of caffeine and tannin in strong tea can cause headaches and insomnia.

5. For a long brewing tea
If the tea brewing too long, tea polyphenols and essential oils begin to spontaneously oxidize not only deprives tea transparency, taste and flavor, but also significantly lowers the nutritional value of tea by oxidation contained in tea leaves, vitamins C and E, amino acids and other valuable substances. In addition, insisting tea is exposed to the environment, if the tea has long been languishing in the warmth it significantly increases the content of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).

6. Multiple brewing
Usually after the third or fourth brewing in tea leaves there is little that remains. Experiments show that the first infusion draws approximately 50% of the nutrients of tea leaves, the second - 30%, and the third is only about 10%, a fourth welding adds another 1-3%. If we continue to make tea more, the infusion may go and harmful components as harmful elements contained in very small quantities in tea leaves, go to the infusion least.

7. At the tea before eating
A large number of tea, drunk before a meal, leading to dilution of saliva, food begins to seem tasteless, moreover, can temporarily decrease the absorption of protein digestive organs. Therefore, drink the tea for 20-30 minutes before eating.

8. At the tea immediately after a meal
Any excessive drinking immediately after a meal results in a significant decrease in the concentration of gastric juice, and it slows down digestion and breaks down all of the digestive system. If you want to drink tea after a meal, wait 20-30 minutes.

9. zapivanie tea medicines
Tannins contained in tea, splitting to form tannin, from which many drugs give a precipitate and ill-digested. Therefore, the Chinese say that tea destroys drugs.

10. At yesterday's tea
Tea, constant day, not only loses vitamins, but also becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. But if tea is not corrupted, it may well be used for therapeutic purposes, but only as an external agent. Thus, the present day for the tea is rich in acids and fluorine that prevent bleeding from capillaries, so yesterday's tea helps with inflammation of the mouth, sore tongue, eczema, bleeding gums, superficial skin lesions, ulcers. Eyewash yesterday's tea helps to reduce discomfort during the manifestation of proteins in the blood vessels and after tears and mouthwash in the morning before brushing teeth, and after eating, not only gives you a feeling of freshness, but also strengthens teeth.


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