Kombucha is popular due to the unique properties - its healing power helps to cope with illnesses, supports the body, is used for hair care and skin. Kombucha grow and care for him very easily, and the basic rules of brewing medicinal drink quite simple.

What is Kombucha
gribChayny tea fungus has several names - meduzomitset, Japanese, sea, jellyfish tea and so on. The product is a combination of yeast and lactic acid bacteria in a single microorganism - apparently kombucha looks like the bulk of the mucous membrane of several layers with dangling strands. The taste of Kombucha sweet-sour, slightly fizzy - yeast bacteria ferment the sugar, and carbonated microorganisms convert the resulting alcohol into vinegar. Kombucha infusion enriched with vitamins and enzymes, organic acids, alcohol and caffeine. Useful properties of Kombucha long been used in folk medicine in many countries around the world.

Useful properties of Kombucha
gribChayny mushroom tea - it is a natural antibiotic. He has a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, so kombucha is used to treat bacterial infections and lesions of the organism (influenza, SARS, conjunctivitis, intestinal infections). Useful properties of Kombucha made possible its use in cosmetics - they treat acne, boils, alopecia, fungal nail and skin. Kombucha is used for weight loss - drink stimulates the metabolism, accelerates metabolism in cells and tissues, eliminates excess salts and fluids. Kombucha has and analgesic properties - infusion rinse their mouths with a toothache, moisten the skin after sunburn. Useful properties of tea fungus used for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, arthritis and rheumatism. Medicinal drink helps remove sand and small stones from the kidney, as a diuretic. Kombucha can reduce the headaches of different etiology, as well as able to normalize the activity of the digestive system. The work of the central nervous system as normal, if treatment is started Kombucha. In periods of intense mental activity (exams, stress at work) Kombucha will tonic and invigorating effect due to the presence of caffeine in its composition. Ideal drink to quench your thirst and can replace the usual soft drinks, juices, fruit drinks in the heat.

How to brew kombucha
tea gribChtoby use the beneficial properties of tea fungus with maximum efficiency should cook it properly. You will need a regular 3-liter jar, water, sugar and tea leaves, Kombucha. Advance brew tea - tea leaves 3 tablespoons pour a liter of boiling water. Kombucha is grown in the bank, so in a clean container, add enough water to 1/6 of the free space left. Water must be sweetened (per liter 100 g of sugar is taken), mixed with harvested tea extract, which should be cooled. Kombucha rinse under cold water and dip into the jar. You can change the sequence, if you are sure that will be able to pour the liquid into a jar, without damaging the Kombucha, which will already be inside.
Do not cover the container lid - Kombucha needs a constant supply of oxygen. Wrap the top of the banks folded in several layers of gauze - this will protect the drink from the dust and dirt that will retain all the benefits of Kombucha.
Kombucha store in the dark, where dry and holds the right temperature. Three days later, the infusion will be ready (in winter Kombucha brewed five days). Should not be brewed kombucha, adding to the infusion any essential connection - it can ruin a drink and take his medicinal properties. For different purposes, you can use the infusion of varying severity - fresh drink drink usually for healing and prevention of disease, and the treatment used more saturated compounds, as some useful properties of tea fungus eventually strengthened. Store the finished brew tea after it was drained, it should be refrigerated.

Kombucha: particularly care
Kombucha tea gribChtoby not lost its curative effect, followed by the need to properly care. It should be brewed kombucha each time after infusion will be ready - ready to drink drain, rinse and fill it with mushroom new batch of sweet tea solution. Try to keep the Kombucha in a room temperature that does not exceed 250C. Kombucha can be damaged if you keep it in direct sunlight. Useful properties of tea fungus disappear if the room temperature drops below 170C. Brown color of the upper layer of the mucous film suggests that kombucha has ceased to be curative, lost its quality.
The presence of holes on the surface of the fungus, as well as a change in its position (Kombucha can roll over, turn over on his side, lay low) said that the micro-organism dies. Brew Kombucha should regularly (every three days in the summer, once a week in winter), because without feeding the body begins to die. In the regular washing with running water Kombucha does not need, this procedure can be carried out once every three weeks. The use of green or black tea to brew Kombucha - a matter of taste and personal preference. Kombucha, infused with green tea, more saturated and has high medicinal properties. Useful properties of Kombucha only intensify if you add or rosehip infusion of nettle leaves, cranberries, raspberries and black currants.


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