Miracle tea of birch chaga: 7 recipes for Your health

Tea from chaga drink instead of regular tea or coffee and a cooked decoctions and tinctures from chaga is used as medicine to strengthen the immune system, causing the organism can be cured from many diseases. Such medicinal use of the fungus must be carried out at the supervision of a physician and as an additional tool along with main treatment.

Before brewing healthy tea let's get acquainted with what exactly is chaga mushroom where it grows, how its harvested and for what purpose it is used. If you already know this part of the article skip and jump to the recipes for teas and decoctions.

What is birch chaga, how and why it formed

Black chaga or birch fungus — a barren form of a parasitic fungus polypore found on birch trees. Sometimes it settles on other growing trees such as maple, alder, elm, ash, beech.

When you damage the bark, the tree can be infected by spores of the fungus Inonotus obliquus which grow deep into the trunk. In this place formed a growth — chaga, which accumulate substances secreted by the tree to fight off the uninvited guest. These substances are immunostimulatorami, has a therapeutic effect on a living organism.

Chaga grows on birch as a cancer, and a tree, struggling with her, trying to suppress its growth, so build-up contains substances that can halt disease processes.

The chemical composition is not studied enoughChaga is not well understood chemically. It is about 12% of ash, it contains a lot of manganese, potassium and calcium in and acid (acetic, formic, oxalic, butyric, vanillic), polysaccharides, lignin, fiber, free phenols, etc.

Presence in chaga Parinov causes its antitumor effects, including malignant tumours.

Chaga in medicine: studies of the curative properties

The study of the fungus as drugs for use in medicine and the study of its effects on the human body began in the 60-ies of the last century.

Leningrad medical Institute conducted a number of studies that have shown that chaga normalizes the redox processes, strengthens, tones and restores the nervous system, eliminates aggravation and normalizes the functions of stomach and duodenum. Radiographic studies confirmed a positive effect of the fungus in the gastro-intestinal diseases. When eating the infusion of the fungus decreased venous blood pressure, slowed pulse. The broth of the fungus can reduce the blood sugar from 15% to 30%.

Research conducted in Kiev showed that the application of the fungus aktiviziruyutsya metabolism of brain tissue, i.e. increases the activity of the cerebral cortex. Chaga has anti-inflammatory properties of General and local character. In these experiments it was established that chaga helps to slow down the growth of some tumors, reduces the radiation exposure.

In Japan, studies have been conducted medicinal properties of chaga, which recorded a high antiviral and immunomodulatory properties of preparations from the fungus.

At the University of Haifa (Israel) investigated and confirmed the anticancer activity of drugs fungus.

Now, chaga is a unique mushroom that is filled with a huge number of nutrients and has a wide range of therapeutic effects.

Useful properties of chaga birch

Hard to believe that fungus fungus growing in almost any birch grove, there is a huge number of useful properties, and it has a unique therapeutic indications. They not only tested for many years in folk medicine, but many of them are confirmed clinically.

Major beneficial properties of the chaga birch:

  • has antimicrobial, diuretic and antispasmodic;
  • normalizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • helps in the healing of duodenal ulcers and stomach;
  • normalizes the work of organs of respiration and heart;
  • evens the pressure and rhythm of the pulse;
  • positively affects the nervous system;
  • improves metabolism, including brain tissue;
  • increases immunity and resistance to infections;
  • has anti-inflammatory and analgesic internal and external action;
  • stimulates blood formation;
  • helps in the treatment of malignant tumors;
  • reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.

The uniqueness and indicationsChaga is a unique and wonderful creation. From the small spores of the fungus grows to a large size and is sated with useful substances coming from the birches on which it grows. The active ingredients of this unique mushroom, such as: zinc, potassium, iron, polysaccharides etc. — are necessary for the operation of human organs, and if at least one of them is lacking in the body — the disease starts. Chaga helps replenish these nutrients which causes her primeneie.

Numerous useful features make the use of birch fungus at:

  • ulcer of duodenum and stomach;
  • gastritis;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • diabetes;
  • diarrhea and constipation;
  • diseases of the heart and nervous system;
  • hypertension and anemia;
  • infectious diseases;
  • skin diseases.

Medical preparations for prevention and treatmentIn folk medicine drevorazrushayuschih chaga mushroom has been known since ancient times. Mention of its use are found in herbals from the beginning of the TWELFTH century. It has found wide application in the modern pharmacy. The mushroom itself and its preparations have medicinal properties and are used in medicine for the prevention and treatment of oncological diseases and diseases gastrointestinal tract.

BefunginBefungin extract, which is derived from growths of a birch fungus with the addition of cobalt salts. It has a tonic effect, normalizes the metabolic processes and digestion.

Befungin is used in the following cases:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the low tone of the intestine;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • prevention of malignant tumors (reduced probability of occurrence);
  • to improve blood circulation;
  • in otorhinolaryngological practice;
  • insomnia, as a sedative;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • as a General tonic;
  • to enhance immunity;
  • as a substitute of tea (weak solution rejuvenates, invigorates, improves appetite, cures headache);
  • for gum treatment (injections inside);
  • peptic ulcer disease.
Preparations in the form of a cream and extract

Products based on the fungus produced also in the form of a cream.

They are used for:

  • arthritis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • radiculitis;
  • skin diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • for treatment of joints.
In the form of chaga extract is produced:

  • capsules;
  • in tinctures;
  • in concentrates.
They are used for both adults and children.

Contraindications — when not to use


Before use of tinctures and teas from chaga as a medicine be sure to consult a doctor.

Tea fungus has contraindications:

  • increased excitability;
  • chronic colitis;
  • dysentery.
You should not use chaga in parallel with the application:

  • glucose intravenously;
  • with antibiotics;
  • in the use of tobacco and alcohol.
During the application of the fungus should be excluded from the diet:

  • eat meat;
  • spicy dishes;
  • canned.
Where it grows, how to prepare, what can be confused

Chaga harvested from the trunks of living birch trees, the mushroom should not be the old, crumbling, otherwise it loses its medicinal properties. Collecting is best done in the period from autumn to spring, when its useful properties maximum.

Chaga in its structure has three layers. Outside it is black, has bumps and cracks. The middle layer — brown, granular. Internal is loose, its when the workpiece is removed. The inner part of the fungus is ground and dried for a long period of time at a temperature of 50 degrees.

When collecting the fungus it needs to be distinguished from the other bracket-fungus. For example, the false tinder fungus has a convex top and flat bottom. It is milder and has a gray-velvety color. Often grows on dry trees. The same is found true tinder fungus, which is attached only to the Central part of the fruit and separates easily from the wood. This is a grayish or brown semicircle, having a smooth surface.


Calowy tea, infusion and decoction, what is it and what are the main differences


Most often, chaga is used for treatment and prevention in the form of tea, infusion or decoction. So, for example, has long been in Siberia in the boiling water threw the pieces of mushroom was proveryali a few minutes and drink as a normal tea.

What is different calowy tea, infusion and decoction:

  • Tea has the lowest concentration of active substances. It is prepared by steeping the crushed material in the heated water from 50 to 100 degrees depending on the recipe.
  • To prepare the raw material is rinsed with hot water (60 degrees) and insist for a long time, and then filtered.
  • Keep the broth on low heat or water bath for at least 30 minutes.
Infusions and decoctions unlike tea before use, dilute with water.


Tea from chaga mushroom: 7 recipes

Tea fungus is cooked in different ways. From exposure time of infusion depends on its efficiency. When preparing a tea from fresh mushrooms, crushed, or dried pre-soaked in water. You can brew chaga in a thermos.

In tea one can add other herbs and useful plants, and to consume it before eating, in 30 minutes, unless otherwise indicated.

Recipe 1.

The chaga mushroom crushed, pour 1:5 with hot water and leave to steep for two hours. Use several times a day in equal portions.

Recipe 2.

Powdered chaga pour boiling water in the ratio 1:5. Infuse 1.5-2 hours. To the tea add lemon, herbs, honey. To eat before meals.

Recipe 3.

Chopped mushroom with herbs to fall asleep in a thermos. Add boiling water in proportion 1:5 and stand 6-10 hours. To drink as tea, adding honey.

Recipe 4.

Chaga 20 g of pour 1 tbsp. water 50 °C, add 2 teaspoons of honey. 1 tbsp. of the infusion pour a small ball of propolis. Drink every morning on an empty stomach, by eating a healthy diet based on plant foods. Helps with weight loss.

Recipe 5.

1 tablespoon chaga pour warm water (40-50 °C) and insist 6 hours. This tea drink for 30 minutes before eating in 3 divided doses. Used in the treatment of gastritis.

Recipe 6.

Mix 1 tbsp. spoon fungus, kelp, and Potentilla. Pour mixture of 1 liter of water (45 degrees), to insist 4 hours. Tea strain, add honey and mint. To drink within two months.

Recipe 7.

Pour 1 tbsp. a spoonful of chopped burdock root 2 cups water, boil 3 minutes, to insist 3-4 hours. The filtered decoction is mixed with 50 ml of infusion gribachi. Take in the adenoma 21 days 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals.


The infusion of chaga is the most effective way of cooking

For tinctures mushroom pre-soaked for 5 hours, and then rubbed the mushroom pour hot water in the ratio 1:5, kept without light access for about 2 days. Then strain, wring out and dilute with water in which chaga was razmatyvatel. Per day drinking 3 cups of broth.

This cooking method is most effective because unlike tea infusion gets more nutrients, and in contrast to the broth not applicable boiling, in which some active substances are destroyed.

The recipe for the brew:

To prepare an infusion of the shelf fungus need 1 Cup of minced mushroom pour 4 cups of tap water. Then close the container with a lid and let stand at room temperature for 2 days. Now the infusion should strain and drink during the day equal portions. As a result, regular admission will be felt a surge of energy, improvement of work of heart and it will be easier to endure hardships that happen in our lives.


Broth of the fungus with aloe and viburnum

Of the fungus with the application of aloe Vera and cranberry to prepare a decoction to maintain immunity. To do this, take 200 grams of leaves of aloe (before use, be kept in the refrigerator during the week), 250 g of fungus, 2 tablespoons fresh viburnum, 0.5 liters of honey.

Aloe grind in a meat grinder and wring out through a gauze, add honey. Viburnum pour 1 liter of boiled water and 30 min to put in a water bath, cool. Chaga softening, chopped mushroom pour boiling water (1 l) and 30 min to put in a water bath. Herbal teas mixed with honey and aloe, mix well, cover with a lid and insist at room temperature for 7 days. After the appearance of the foam content mix, on the eighth day drain. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day before meals.


Oil for skin and joints


By mixing olive oil with infusion of fungus it turns out the oil that can be applied to the skin, joints, in the treatment of sinusitis. Oil based on the fungus possesses the same, and an antitumor effect.

Not accidentally, the proverb says — every disease potion grows. Grow in the forest chaga, maybe she is waiting for you to help your health? But before you can use the recipes of traditional medicine and cited in the article the recommendations and advice be sure to consult with the doctors, as there can be contraindications. published


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