Food prohibitions of different nations (9 photos)

Having close cuisine certain people, you find that something is missing, what you are so accustomed to. By their bans on certain types of products, we are so accustomed to, we think it is the norm for all.
Muslim countries:

The best-known food taboos - a ban on pork for Muslims. There is a theory: a ban on pork has been introduced due to the fact that in pork when long enough to heat treatment can be transmitted life-threatening parasite - trichina and other worms.


With religious taboos associated one characteristic of cuisine: Japanese, compared with Europeans and Americans eat very little beef and pork, as well as animal fats, butter and dairy products, since Buddhism was forbidden to kill and eat animals.

In sumo wrestlers in Japan has its own food taboos. They are to maintain muscle mass and need to eat meat and fish, and rice, and seafood. But in the days of the competition they eat only chicken, refusing to pork and beef. The reason is simple: chicken walks on two legs, while pigs and cows - four. A sumo wrestler to touch the ground with anything other than the two feet, means defeat.


Food taboos in Chinese small. Until very recently, almost did not use dairy products, including butter, cottage cheese, cheese, salted fish do not like, fat.


India - birthplace of vegetarianism, which is explained on the one hand the climatic conditions, and on the other - religious prescriptions. The meat is perishable, as in most of the country's hot climate, although the use of spices slows spoilage. At the same time, in some areas of the country, collect three or four crops of vegetables a year. Therefore, the basis of the power of plant foods: rice, corn, gave, peas, lentils and other pulses, flour cakes from the lower grades, and vegetables. In India, there is one well-known food taboos - a ban on eating beef. Anthropologists explain this by saying that India has few trees and consequently there is no available construction material. And cow dung there is a need for construction and for fuel. Do not forget that India still hunger and poverty, and the cow gives milk so that it has obtained the meat is inappropriate. A bull there instead of a tractor.



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