The nickname of the favorite and subtext

Joint research scientists from different countries have revealed a funny relationship nicknames from a loved one, and the subtext. Article scientists was published in the journal «Psychological Science».
Baby - care, but your true feelings to him hardly interesting.

Hippo - obsessed with you, I respect your independence, but does not mind playing.

Baby - in their desires specific and does not want to complicate.

Dear, dear - values ​​in a relationship confidence, certainty. Feelings are in second place.

Durynda - ready to forgive you every mistake and bring the situation under control.

Hedgehog ezhonok - attaches particular importance to your relationship. Often short-tempered, as afraid to lose you.

Zhabko - energetic and playful pushy, but very much values ​​your relationship.

My life - the pathos gives a tendency to overkill. Check to see whether he still has a "life" on the side.

Hare, hare, Zaya, baby - inclined to gamble and do not mind playing with you. At heart, jealous and closely watching you.

Gold Zolotko, honey - emphasizes the importance of your relationship, although the reason he prevails over feelings.

Pussycat, pussy cat, we kysik - set to close contact and did not want to complicate the situation.

Goat, Goat, Little girl trying - you feel full closeness. Thank you for a very dear person, although he is not averse to tease you.

Sweetie - Beware: You seem to think their property.

Kitten, cat, Kotya, kotyatina - you feel the intimacy and the inextricable link wants to convince you of his loyalty.

Crocodiles - emphasized vigorous, is not set to go around the bush for a long time to restrain emotions.

Doll, doll - fascinated you, but does not give your relationship too much importance.

Lapa, lapulya, lapusik - very active and willing to work and live for you.

Swallow - very attentive and absolutely confident in you.

Fox, fox, lisena - absorbed all the attention that you and he wants you to do.

My favorite, favorite, love - is prone to sensual and brute-force ready to act decisively and energetically.

Lala, Lyalikov - very emotional, can not control the outburst of feelings - both good and bad.

Little, little, Masik, Masya - very deep feelings, ready to take care of you.

Baby, baby - you absorb all the attention on you and expect the same.

Bear - a very sensual person, but is not set up in a hurry. He is cautious and does not want to lose you.

Dear, dear - promises you a strong relationship. His feelings are in balance with the mind. Mulia, Moussya musipusechka - feelings are very strong. He tends to get carried away and often knows no measure.

Mouse, mouse - very attached to you, is short-tempered, but his love is deep.

Donuts - expects to complete intimacy and interaction.

Doughnut - by all means wants to get your attention and to protect themselves from potential rivals.

Bobblehead, Pupsik, pusechka, pusya - seeking full contact with you, but behind it is not so much a sense of how much practical interest.

Fish - your relationship looks more businesslike. In the first place puts no romance, and practical interest.

Sweet, sweet - consciously emphasizes his emotions. But in his heart he is balanced and calm.

Elephant, Elephant - attaches great importance to your relationship and expects full reciprocity.

The sun, the sun - you feel genuine affection and keen interest.

Tiger cub - respects your independence. Not averse to make fun of you, but in fact offers an equal union.

Hamster - is prone to impulsive actions and can easily succumb to momentary impulses.

Little chick - offers active contact, but maybe deep down something feared.

Miracle - literally requires your attention, emphasizing the importance of your relationship.


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