Tips for stimulation of the brain

1. A new environment
Go back to where you have never been, or where you go is very rare. This can be a great new park or a jewelry store in the nearby area.
2. New odors
Buy a bottle of essential oils or any scented items. Every morning, as soon woke up, inhale the smell of new - it will "wake up" the brain.

3. Closed eyes
In the evening, do not turn on the lights in the apartment - walk around the room from memory. This exercise will improve focus and concentration. You can also take a shower with your eyes closed. Since you can not see anything, sharply activated other senses.

4. Change the working hands
Brush your teeth are not working hand, and one that is less active, if you are right handed, brush your teeth with your left hand if left-handed - right.

5. A new wardrobe
Wear different things. Scientists have shown that, depending on the person's clothes are changed not only his feelings, but also the way of thinking.

6. Braille (reading and writing system for the blind) and sign language
Learn Braille and sign language is difficult, but the ability to read and talk with your fingers unusually develop your senses. In sign language enough to learn standard phrases spoken: greetings, simple questions and answers.

7. The new road
Go to work (in store) a new, unfamiliar road. Even if the new path will be longer, do not worry. This is not only a positive effect on the brain, but also help to maintain harmony.

8. Confidence
Be confident. Even if you are offered a job in which you are not familiar with, agrees. The brain rapidly activates when you are not exactly sure what to do.

9. Non-standard answers
Answer the standard questions outside the box. Even the question "how are you?" Can be answered dozens of different phrases - give up stereotypes.

10. Coins
Learn to distinguish between coins of different denominations only your fingers. Exercise is good to do when you get someone or something waiting. Time goes faster and expectation becomes less agonizing.

11. New magazines
Choose those magazines and newspapers, which you usually do not pay attention. For example, if you are interested in fashion, buy a magazine devoted to the economy. Like reading about travel and other countries? Give preference to magazine about animals. Optional carried away with something new, it is enough from time to time to change the subject readable.

12. TV without sound
Turn off the TV sound and, looking at the picture, try to reproduce the dialogue or monologue. If you do this exercise with your friends, you get a very comical and interesting.

13. The diverse vacation
If you usually spend a weekend in the city, the next time go to nature. Do not like to listen to music? Go to a music concert - you get a lot of new experiences. Even if you do not like it can leave.

14. The new tempo
This exercise can be done in a day. If you usually do everything slowly, try to accelerate the pace of 2 times. If you are a minute can not sit still, force yourself to do things slowly. It requires a lot of concentration.

15. Jokes
Come up with new jokes and anecdotes - very interesting and useful for the brain. It not only stimulates brain activity, but also develops the ability to think creatively.


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