Most arthropod

Faced on the occasion of this wildlife, and long to get nervous tic. If you do not know that he's not hunting you. Skotinka scary. And health. In any case, among the arthropods - he is considered to be the largest of their representative.
In coconut crab there are many other "names" for example, crab or coconut crab a thief - it's really strange arthropod steal their prey. The travelers of the past centuries, who visited the islands, which lie in the West Pacific and the Indian Ocean, they say that the coconut crab hidden from prying eyes in the thick foliage of palm trees to then suddenly grab their prey, lying directly under a tree or near away
Coconut crab (lat. Birgus latro) actually crab is not at all in spite of the striking similarity in title to said arthropod relative. This is the land hermit crab belonging mean decapod.
Strictly speaking, called palm thief land arthropods can also be a stretch, as part of his life takes place in the marine element, and even light appear tiny crustaceans in the water column. Newborn babies with vulnerable soft abdomen busily crawling on the bottom of the pond in search of a reliable house, which can serve as a nutshell, and deserted clamshell.

V "childhood» birgus latro not too different from a hermit crab: he drags behind him his shell and almost all his time in the water. But coming from one larval state and leaving the water, he is no longer able to return, and at some point and wearing of a shell-house. Unlike bryushek hermit crabs his belly is not the Achilles heel and gradually hardens, and the tail curls up under the body, protecting the body from cuts. Thanks to a special light, he begins to breathe out of water.
In truth, most of the legends of his marked precisely this feature - the first Europeans arrived on the island, described as the coconut crabs hiding in the trees with a bushy claws creature that suddenly stretched to the ground and captured prey, up to sheep and goats. Scientists have confirmed that birgus latro has great strength and can lift up to 30 kg weight. However, they found that their ability to use the crab to be dragged from place to place the goods, preferring to feed on dead animals, crabs and fallen fruktami.
Due to what cancers manage to exist and equally comfortable in the water and on land? It turns out that the wise nature has provided them with two tools of breathing: light, ventilation air at the surface and gills that allow breathing underwater. That's only the second time with the body loses its function and palm pilferers have to completely switch to terrestrial way zhizni.


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