Legends about our hospitals and for craftsmen and umelitsy, operating conjuring - they do not arise out of nowhere. There are, of course, that not amused by the incident, and it happens that you do not know what to say.
Admitted to the hospital the next patient. He underwent surgery, was brought to the House in the evening. Well, from anesthesia different people off. This song poorat, podirizhiroval someone, someone to prove something and even passed out last until morning.
In the morning, the company in the smoking room watching tragicomedy. Appeared daveshny patient-conductor, soon, but surely waddling to the bathroom. Through kukuyu a minute, he jumped out of the toilet with skewed in sweat, face and sweep bulging eyes in horror, jagged irregular defiled in the Cabinet head of the department.
After a couple of minutes from the office appeared bent in an arc from hysterical laughter doctor. With easy access to the smoking room, asked for a cigarette. Breath. Told.
The patient, having flown into the office, from the doorway began yelling, trying to figure out what it was removed. And surprised and calm response that, say inguinal hernia, sobbed hysterically:
 - Why am I your device can not find?
Examined. Well, yes. How did he find out if his sister when dressing bandage to the foot securely. There intern assisted turns. Slightly in cardiology did not have to translate.


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