10 biggest vehicle in the world

Most car-lift in the world - Liebherr T 282B, capacity of 363 tons, in 2008, allowed him to take the 1st place among dump trucks. This is one of the biggest and most powerful truck in the world. The cabin of the largest truck mounted display instead of the traditional dashboard. The cost of the truck comes to $ 4-5 million.

The largest and highest limousine in the world created by SDM Industries. It is the largest limousine truck. The car was named Quoter.

The longest limousine in the world that can be rented celebrities - is created by a limousine Worldwide, Inc. According to the director of the company, operating the vehicle, it can only be ordered on special festivals.

It is the largest among the self-made cars. In addition, he is the great, the car also features environmentally friendly, bring the car in motion solar cells, and when they are not sufficient in the case enters the generator Honda.

The biggest motorcycle Greg Dunham (Greg Dunham) build the biggest motorcycle in the world with a height of 4.5 meters, length - more than 7.5 meters. On the creation of motorcycle Greg took 3 years, the weight of the bike is 3 tons, and it costs $ 300,000 Built Greg biggest motorcycle on the dispute. Then I hit the Guinness Book of Records as the man who built the "largest in the history of motorcycle»

The biggest double-decker bus, was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in 1997. On the top floor there is a kitchen, bedroom, dining room and bathroom on the ground floor of 8 seats, a conference area, a reception, bar, storage room and garage!

The biggest tractor in the world, Big Bud 16V747 was built in 1977. Initially it was 700 hp power, but during the test proved that the tractor may give 900 hp The largest tractor was delivered to Australia and Iran.

The longest bicycle created by students of elementary school, Cambridge. They created a long bike has 25 seats. The children were awarded with diplomas, for the invention of this strange vehicle.

Bike Master Didi from Germany registered more than 10 records in the Guinness book, thanks to his invention of the bicycle. One of the highest recognized Bicycle bike in the world, its height is more than 4 meters.

The largest electric truck, this vehicle looks like a conventional truck, but - it is the largest electric truck. Its engine operates at biodizile is not directly drive the wheels. The movement of a car driven by an electric motor.


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