Botox for 8-year old daughter Britney

Englishwoman obsessed with the idea of ​​making her daughter a real star, so she makes a girl "injection of youth».

Every three months, Britney lays on the table beautician and watches as mom Kerry prepares Botox injections to her face.
34-year-old beautician Kerry, from Birmingham, buys injections of botulinum toxin on the Internet and embeds them in the forehead, lips and around the eyes of her daughter.
Obsessed make her beauty for all sorts of competitions, her mother also gets rid of her fluffy hair on the legs and developing pubic hair.

Kerry says: & quot ;. That is what I do for Britney help her become a star & quot; I know one day it will be a model, actress and singer, and with these procedures, it will always look younger. & quot;
Britney said: "My friends think it's cool that I have all the procedures to be beautiful»

It is disgusting that Kerry, who now lives in San Francisco is not alone in its quest to make her daughter without wrinkles forever. This behavior is becoming a trend in the world of American child beauty pageants.
This year, Kerry plans to correct eyebrow waxing Britney and apply to them the tattoo arched, and a tattoo of the lips.
Kerry added, "This is all: the pain and the effort will benefit the Britney. "When will it be a superstar, earn millions, it will always be grateful for what I did when she was little."


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