Hollywood actress who oppose Botox

Oh, the pressure of Hollywood. While we envy the stars, do we hardly want to live under the constant eye of cameras. Imagine experiencing the actress when they face every day is considered the photographs of paparazzi millions of fans.

Not surprisingly, many stars have recourse to plastic surgery. But this "star site" is an actress who refuse to change this to them by the beauty of nature, advocating the natural aging. Their opinions - below.

Cate Blanchett (45 years old):

"For a long time, plastic was all the rage - people change their appearance as they wanted, but now, after some time, we see that plastic - it's not great. I decided that I was not ready to put up with sometimes disastrous results of plastic on her face »

Tina Fey (44 years) in her characteristic manner, said:

"Botox is not for me, it's bad. Those people who have too much Botox become like a candle - brilliant, brilliant person »

Sofia Vergara (42):

"In Los Angeles, a woman gone mad: they all want to do their cheekbones, like Madonna. Who are you kidding? Botox and fillers will not replace character »

Rachel Weisz (44):

"Botox should be banned for actors, as steroids for athletes. Acting is the expression of the face, why smooth wrinkles? »

Julia Roberts (46 years old):

"It is unfortunate that we live in a frightened, troubled slight defects in appearance a society where women can not give yourself a chance to see how they will look in old age. I want to have some idea of ​​what I look like, before I move down the roof. I want my kids to know when I'm evil, when she is happy and when embarrassed. Your face tells a story ... and it should not be a story about your visits to the doctor »

Kate Winslet (38 years old) told the publication Telegraph:

"I am an actress. I do not want frozen emotions on his face »

Angelina Jolie (39 years old):

"I never have corrected and does not intend to do so. If someone makes you happy, plastic, please. But I do not plan anything like that »

Susan Sarandon (67 years old):

"You can see that I did not use Botox, these wrinkles otherwise would not be here. When you use Botox, the face is like a mask, and it scares me. At the same time, there is another advantage. If I am the only one who will look at the 60 at 60, I would get all these roles, because there will be more actresses, looking for that age »

Salma Hayek (47 years old):

"I never pricked Botox. I shudder at the thought that someone would poke me with a needle forehead. So for me, better to use creams that smell nice and relaxing. Objection I object to the future use Botox? I do not know what to say »

Heidi Klum ('41):

"I am proud that are not familiar with Botox. Each of us has his own ideas about beauty, but personally I improved a scalpel or injections shall not seem attractive. However, ask me in 65 years ... I might change my mind »

Diane Kruger (38 years old):

"I am against botox to the death! I've seen too many women, who, because of his 35 years, look at all 50. Although, God knows, maybe 50 it looks different »

Stars who have tried Botox but do not want to resort to such "tricks" to prolong the beauty:

Gwyneth Paltrow ('41):

"I'm afraid to go under the knife, but you know - talk to me when I turn 50 years old. By the time I'll try it. Well, almost everything. Besides Botox. I'll never do Botox - with him I look like a crazy »

Cameron Diaz (41 year) told in his book - «The Body Book»:

"I tried Botox, but this procedure is so changed my appearance, I said to myself:" No, it's better I'll look at my aging face than the fact that I do not belong! »

Jennifer Enniston (45 years old):

"I tried Botox once and it was good. It makes a woman younger. Keep it tight. But the heat on his face disappears ... You see a woman, you know that it is not young, but you can not tell how old she is »


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