The tiny house on a tiny island near Iceland Elda

Surrounded by deep-blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, just below the south-western outskirts of the tiny island nestled Iceland Elda (ElliĆ°aey).

The island is all of the features of human life that modest precarious shack mysteriously alluring his wild desert.

Almost empty green wild piece of rock among the surging waves. Place the last nesting auks, which were destroyed in 1844.

The island was settled three hundred years ago families that hunted fishing, hunting, breeding livestock. For this to come here to get to swim with the territory of Iceland or the neighboring islands Fyuglasker. The harsh climate and hellishly difficult conditions put the survival of the family to the brink of ruin, and in 1930 the island was abandoned by all.

On the island of legends began to walk. Seriously it was assumed that the territory was donated extravagant singer Bjork and others concerned gossip unknown billionaire who occupied the territory and did not let go. However, this proved groundless rustle. Rough as the truth is that the island rarely attracts hunters petrels. They live in an abandoned house, eat or spend the night there, hiding from storms.

A large part of the island is empty, taking the rare amateur quad bike safaris. Yes, but the weather is not often favors men.


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