Britney Spears again staged road accident

American singer Britney Spears has once again got into a car accident. At the crossroads of Beverly Hills (California) scandalous star in his "Mercedes" hit the rear bumper of the SUV "Ford", driven by a woman.

The incident occurred in front of several lenses of the paparazzi who are constantly shooting when Britney appears outside the protected area. Record collision a few minutes later was published on the website Incident reports FAKTNEWS.

The collision no one was hurt, but Britney did not even out of the car. With a woman, managed the Ford Explorer, talked her bodyguard. After that followed the red SUV "Mercedes" Britney to her house, where, probably, the incident was resolved peacefully.

Britney hit the exact same clash on April 12 this year. In October last year, the Court of Los Angeles removed from the infamous pop singer on charges of criminal article, threatened her with imprisonment for up to six months.

Such punishment singer could get over the fact that two months earlier fled the scene of a traffic accident, leaving the victim's car owner is no data about themselves, ITAR-TASS reported.

Recently, rumors about the next pregnancy Britney were even photographed where Britney noticeably rounded tummy, but The Sun believes that the star then a bit tight.


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