Ritchie Blackmore and Ugandan soldier Makarevich

Perestroika. 1987. St. Petersburg Mining Institute. New trends
sunk to the educational process. Students were allowed free use of steam. Teachers, especially professors age, unprecedented in the perturbation. (There is still need to know a little history of the university. The second oldest in the country, traditions and all that). Such extraordinary innovation tearing apart the established worldview. But - ordered. Above. And the Communist Party with all its practical conclusions yet has not been canceled.
But freedom - freedom, and attendance is necessary to fix. Headman make lists of groups, transmit lecturer retirement age. In one of the lists someone playful hands appends Andrei Makarevich and Ritchie Blackmore. Roll call. At one lecture, the pair is missing. On the other. Somewhere in the tenth pan professor sadly exclaims: & quot; Well, Makarevich skips. Its just the army will be taken - and the end of it. A Blackmore something! For him, the same currency crying. By the way, where is he? Who knows. And even seen it? & Quot; People slowly drags. A letoru respond that there is a black man from Uganda, very cheerful, but windy. Professor regret the unlucky boy, but over time transformed into pity irritation. And then he just gets an idea fixe meet this couple in the exam face to face.
And that day "H" comes. Professor runs through a list view, brought from the dean's office. It is clear that there are no characters mentioned. Pundit at a loss, but he immediately explain that expelled rebyatok for total underachievement. And everything seems to be correct. Justice prevails. But somehow wrong. Without the personal involvement of the avenger. A splash something somewhere you need!
That day was a record Institute unsatisfactory.


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