Funny Flying Squirrel

British photographer Kim Taylors managed by a special camera to take unique pictures, showing in detail the southern flying squirrel flying. These unusual protein between the ankle and wrist has patagy - skin membrane that serves as a kind of open state "wing gliderĀ».

In order to plan the flying squirrel climbs up a tree as high as possible and jumping, revealing patagy. The distance traveled by the animal in this manner reaches eighty meters. And for a touchdown protein lifts up his tail, thereby reducing the tension of the skin membrane, and then patagy turns into a sort of parachute.
Southern flying squirrel, nocturnal, are omnivorous animals. They feed on small birds and mammals, insects, berries and fruits, acorns and nuts, seeds and bark. Squirrels or in pairs, or in groups large enough - up to twenty individuals, arranging their nests in tree hollows.


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