Rio, where mulatto wear white pants.

Not for nothing, oh no wonder unforgettable Ostap Suleimanovich eager to Rio. Not without reason that the city was his dreamboat. And here are a couple of people fell in love with this colorful metropolis - Andrew and Anastasia. Andrew still remembers us and share information about the places of stay.
Rio is certainly beautiful. But not pompous. All this is very modestly: a small luxury housing, restaurants are not glamorous, but in order to eat. But here's beaches - it's a bomb! What Copacabana, Ipanema that that Leblon that Vermeyya - beautiful. No breakwaters or private beaches closed. Endless Ocean, a huge length and width of the beach. Over the weekend, a lot of people, but in the "working" days - you can lie 50 meters from each other. Enough room for everyone. The water is warm. In the region of 25 degrees. Only the last day was a 20 (due to cold flow). On the day after tomorrow will be warm again. On the street 36 and 100% humidity. Near the ocean well - blowing breeze and you can swim to cool off. The city itself is hot, but we are 4 days have become accustomed.
On any attractions do not go as the day heat, and in the morning and in the evening we are on the beach. Maybe if the weather turned bad, then let's go.
A short distance there are such funny forest dwellers. Funny and touching.
They are under the cut.


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