Mushroom Kingdom

Funny thing griby.Esli remember anecdote - one feed, another fairy tale show, the third spatki bed. And it's true. And they are something people like. If all of the Ponte and seeks to identify as the color and by location - constantly under foot climb, you have to be extremely careful in the use. Because it can happen, though fun, but with unpredictable consequences. And if all the necessary and desirable - it is not really advertise themselves. He is out there somewhere, for penechki under leaf, covered with branches. Knows that and so find. Why are some on the road to climb. There is a giant among the fungi. In this series, there is one representative. Not that the biggest or any champion, but also commands respect. And, of course, have very valuable flora has its own security. This is in addition to natural camouflage. There it will be hard not to notice. All this of itself a serious and focused.
And they say that the campaign for mushrooms - chic relaxation. Well, there's my two cents I can not paste. I'm more likely to use part will advise. But in general, it is possible to understand - the forest, the silence ... only muffled screams in the distance. And you quietly rejoice - it's not you eat up)))
Well, we presented a novel mushroom kingdom Nikonets. This he had the strength and courage to get into this jungle. Yes, not one, but with this machine and a basket. Well, with the family, roomy case. And the most surprising - had the strength then it all cook. That's where silischa something incredible!


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