18 ways to reuse tea bags

Many people use tea bags only once, i.e., 1 packet = 1 Cup of tea. Then, the idea is that the bag must be discarded. But not necessarily. There are many ways to find a new use for it.


1. Brew stronger ciesla you prefer stronger tea, leave the bag from the previous tea parties and add it to a Cup along with a fresh packet next time. He will not give the same sturdy welding, like new, but still will give a nice flavor. This method is suitable for any red and green tea, but white, perhaps, too delicate for re-welding.

2. To impart a pleasant flavor to pasta and krupnuyu tea, you can use the bag to give a better taste to various dishes. To do this, place the bag in a pot of water and remove after boiling and then add pasta, rice or other grains.

Need advice so you decide to try? Try to cook the rice for Jasmine or Romashkova infusion, pasta, green tea, and oatmeal on the black spiced tea or tincture of cinnamon.

3. Fertilize your ogorojennaja old bags again received a weak tea, pour it in a bucket and pour over plants to protect them from fungal infections. In addition, if you open used tea bags and pour their contents into the ground at the roots of the plants, this will deter these garden pests, like mice. You can also add old tea bags to the basic fertilizer to increase the concentration of nutrients. Most importantly, don't forget to remove the bags, metal brackets, if any.

4. To remove dirt, koroviskoye old tea bags to clean and give a pleasant smell flooring. Used tea bags can be stored in the refrigerator in a Cup of water to protect them from damage, until there is sufficient for a large surface number. Then, open them and dry the contents, until it is slightly moist. Now sprinkle carpets and rugs tea and leave until they are dry. Then there will be only vacuum or gently wipe dry the tea leaves.

5. Neutralize household saphica also great for getting rid of unpleasant odors in the house. Mix the dry tea leaves with cat litter. Put the used bags in the refrigerator so that there reigned freshness. Throw some dry tea bags in bottom of garbage can to neutralize odors before they spread throughout the kitchen. These are just a few examples, but there are many other options.

6. To make a homemade air freshener vostochanaya a few drops of your favorite essential oil on dried tea bags to get a wonderful air fresheners for home, office or car. Since most tea bags are made on a string, hang them is not difficult. Once the oil wears off, you can simply add a few drops again and you will be surrounded by freshness. Thus, these bags will perform a dual function: to absorb odors and fill your home with wonderful aroma.

7. To drive home vreditelyami don't particularly like the smell of tea. Therefore, try to put used teabags in the cupboards, pantries, and any places through which your mouse penetrate to your house, For additional security, you can soak the tea bags peppermint essential oil. Then they will not only help get rid of pesky rodents and invasions of these insects like spiders and ants, but at the same time, will exude a pleasant, fresh smell of mint!

8. To remove grease from dirty postitnote the dishes in warm water with a couple of used tea bags to dissolve fat without the use of harsh chemicals. Tea will also help to soak any stuck to the pan and food will save you from a painful scraping of the plates.

9. Get rid of the smell of products on Coupole treatment products such as garlic, onions and fish, use old tea bags to clean hands and remove stubborn odors.

10. To soften the skin stopdate used tea bags in warm water and soak feet in it to neutralize odors, soften calluses and nourish the skin.

11. Make wannabeastar high antioxidant content in tea antioxidants, bathing in warm water with infusion of tea leaves will provide you with wonderful skin care. You can either hang used tea bags on the faucet and draw water into the tub through them, or throw them directly in water to obtain a nutritious tea bath. As a bonus, you can use flavored tea with Jasmine or chamomile, to allow your body to relax using aromatherapy.

12. Soothe irritated comprehensie, humid tea bags are an excellent natural remedy to relieve irritation. To ease the discomfort caused by tired eyes, place them on the eyelids. They can also reduce inflammation from sunburn. Attach the bag to the bruise to relieve discomfort and help speed healing. Gently RUB the bites to flush toxins and reduce pain and swelling.

13. To deal with investenergoservice warm, humid tea bags to the skin in diseases such as conjunctivitis, ulcers, herpes, plantar warts, or any other similar diseases, to destroy the infection, reduce pain and help to speed up the healing process.

14. To eliminate bad breath Taipalsaari double-brewed tea bags to get the all natural, refreshing rinse. To do this, simply brew of weak tea. (This method works with many types of tea, but the best results will provide the mint and green tea.)

15. Moisturize will folositoare silent weak tea from old tea bags and the resulting extract rinse hair after shampooing to moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp.

16. Update wooden poverkhnostnaya weakly brewed tea to clean and Shine hardwood floors and for polishing wooden furniture.

17. To make homemade glass cleaner Pour used tea bags with boiling water and the resulting tea spray on Windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces to remove dirt, fingerprints and other contaminants. In the end, wipe the Windows clean with a lint-free cloth to avoid streaks stains and dust particles.

18. Paint paper or cancrack tea can give a boring white paper shade of Sepia and turn it into antique parchment. Well rather weak tea to stain the white fabric in brown, orange or pale green in color.

Zaklyuchennomu here with lots of useful ideas, you'll want to stock up on tea bags for the future, to experiment. However, a wet tea bags can be stored at room temperature only during the day, not more. Otherwise, they should be cooled to prevent the formation of mold and bacteria growth. Just remember that all natural products, including tea, deteriorate after a long enough period of time even when stored in the refrigerator. If in doubt, rely on your sense of smell. If the old tea bags have acquired a strange smell, it is better to throw it away and use a new one.


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