Disposable thing

We use these items every day, sometimes not knowing what interesting stories stand behind their appearance. With the development of the consumer society disposable products made everything more refined. Disposable contact lenses are today, headphones, books, cameras, microscopes, barbecues, computers and even space ships! Disposable firmly established in our lives. We use these things every day, sometimes not knowing what interesting stories stand behind their appearance.

Tea bag

The tea bag was born by chance. In 1904, the coffee and tea merchant Thomas Sullivan decided to save money on sending samples of their products cafes, restaurants and shops. Instead of heavy cans Sullivan began to pack very small portions of tea in small bags of muslin and silk. And customers have decided that more convenient to have the tea brewing. So there was a tea bag. Later replaced by a special tissue paper. A patented tea bag in 1952 another successful producer of tea - a competitor by the name of Sullivan Lipton.


Name of the person who invented a disposable condom, is unknown. Some historians claim that condoms first appeared in ancient Egypt. They are made of soft leather, and used them mostly privileged person. Whatever it was, in the XVI century Italian Gabriele Fallopian invented a reusable condoms in a bag of linen, and then conducted a study among 1100 men who decided to take advantage of novelty. None of them became infected with syphilis! Condoms are also made from the intestines of animals, bovine bladder and even specially treated turtle shell. After opening in 1840, Charles Goodyear of vulcanization of rubber condoms became elastic. In 1921, Alfred Trodzhan opened the way to curing the latex condom and came in mass production. Nevertheless, even in 1940 - 1950-ies condoms were reusable, they should be washed and stored in a small box. Disposable condoms began in the 1960s. Now every year in the world is used by 10 to 15 billion condoms.


Most benefit from the reluctance of customers to use things for the second time failed to remove the manufacturers of stationery. The main hero of this story was the Frenchman Marcel Bich, founder of the company «Bic». The first disposable ballpoint pens «Bic» was released in 1953. Three years later in the day sold 1 million of these pens.

The diaper

The idea of ​​a disposable diaper initially failed. American Marion Donovan in 1951 received a patent for the invention bouterov - waterproof pants children of absorbent paper, worn over diapers or ordinary underpants. However, consumers are cautiously embraced a new idea: use a diaper once, and then throw it seemed impractical. Ten years later, disposable diapers became interested in the company "Procter & Gamble», in 1961, released their first diapers «Pampers». The modern market estimated disposable diapers, according to various estimates, 4, 5 - $ 10 billion.


History of disposable cups has its roots in the beginning of XX century. In 1908, an American doctor Alvin Davidson published a study on mortality among schoolchildren. One of the reasons why he called it the use of unhygienic public metal mugs. In 1910, an American student Hugh Moore patented safe cup (safe cup) - twisted cone sheet of cardboard. Then we come up with a vending machine for individual cups and installed it in public places and railway trains.


Disposable syringe invented by New Zealander Colin Murdoch, a pharmacist and veterinary surgeon. The invention was to simplify and speed up the vaccination of animals - the medicine was sealed in the syringe beforehand. Later, Murdoch had the idea that the syringe can also be used in medical practice, reducing thereby minimizing the risk of transmission of infection from one patient to another. Issue of plastic disposable syringes commercially settled in 1961.


Disposable razors we owe the famous American King Gillette Kemp. The first disposable razors came on the market in 1903. Then we managed to sell 51 razor. In the next year - 91 thousand. Razors. And by 1917 annually sold 1 million razors. The reason for the success of disposable razors is obvious: they are cheap, easy to handle and, being disposable, guarantee hygiene.

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