Growing seedlings in tea bags

A convenient method of growing seedlings

For growing seedlings you can use the bags with sleeping tea.

I think in this photo, everything is clear and understandable how they "repel". So we are out of tea bags get replacement peat pellets.
Then in each bag it is only necessary to add a little dry piece of land (broken tea from the bottom is let, it, like the bag, the second will benefit).

Training bags can be done at any time, the long winter evenings, when we gardeners usually plenty of time. In each bag you can immediately put a seed (or a couple of them, then the weaker remove) grown culture. How many prepared "charged" bags, it is necessary to establish in any capacity with a low side. In the gaps between the bags is also necessary to sprinkle the ground, in order for the moisture from the tea bags evaporated less (due to smaller evaporation).

In the spring it only remains to wet the bags with water, set the box in a warm place – and the process has begun. After some time the blossom appears, the root system of plants will develop within the bag when planting in the soil is not damaged.
Later, when the plant is gaining strength, the bag is easily torn up by the roots.



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