Swordplay pepper: when and how to dive seedlings of pepper

Growing pepper seedlings is a lengthy and troublesome, as young peppers quite delicate and fragile root system. Because swordplay pepper seedlings – agro-technical acceptance of the need which there are conflicting opinions.

Do I have to dive seedlings of pepper?

The root system of pepper is fragile and requires more recovery time, because it is more sensitive to the transplants than tomatoes or other crops. And that is because the question "do I have to dive pepper?" is particularly relevant for novice gardeners. At the same time, swordplay allows you to provide for the plants over an extensive area of nutrition and to give enough space for growth of the aerial part. While the peppers are planted in a common bowl, eventually begin to shade each other, and their roots grow and intertwine, making a further transplant is very problematic and painful for the plants. In the case where the seedling is grown up in common boxes, small magazines or several things in a single container, you need to dive pepper as is necessary for the further full development of plants.

When to dive seedlings of pepper?

Most gardeners agree to the opinion that early pick is more effective and the peppers easier to survive in the new place. Optimal time when you need to dive pepper, is considered the stage of 2-3 true leaves, which is approximately 15-20 days after emergence. Although sometimes practiced swordplay in the earlier stages is still in the stage of cotyledons, or even for the emergence of 4-6 true leaves. In the latter case, the pick is more problematic, because in this period the root system is already well developed and transplant may be her stress.

Swordplay pepper: preparatory work

When to dive pepper already coming time, you need to thoroughly prepare for the procedure. For transplant it is better to use a soil mix consisting of peat or humus, turf or field of the earth with the addition of river sand as ryhlyaschimi material. The share of organic components should be around 30-45% of the total weight. In the composition of the soil is also helpful to add fertilizer. 1 cubic meter of the mixture based on the use of humus 1-1. 5 kg of superphosphate, 0.6 and 0.8 ammonium nitrate, 0.8 kg of potassium chloride. The peat mixture of the same volume fertilize 4-8 kg of superphosphate, 0.6 and 0.8 ammonium nitrate, 1kg of potassium chloride.

After mixing, it fills the tank. And in what capacity to dive pepper? As is usually the usual, everyone uses pots or cups that are on hand, but the optimal volume is considered capacity 250-300 ml. of Course, sometimes practice and the use of pots more, but this is undesirable as the root system at the peppers at the stage of picking a compact and superficial. Is not overly developed roots, the soil may gradually sour, and it increases the chance of plant diseases. In addition, containers for planting pepper have to be drainage holes for water outflow.

Regarding irrigation before the swordplay, there are different opinions. Some gardeners believe that for a day or two before the procedure from irrigation should be abandoned, that the soil was not too heavy and his weight does not break roots. Another view of pepper seedlings must be watered daily or at least several hours before the pick that it has enough moisture and is easily removed from the soil.

Swordplay seedlings of pepper: technological features

Speaking about how to dive pepper, it should be noted that the particular complexity of this procedure is no different. Most importantly, carefully remove individual seedlings from the box, not to damage them when transplanting. The pick itself can be reduced to several simple actions.
1. The soil in containers is compacted. In the middle with the help of improvised means doing well and moisturize it.
2. Of the total capacity gently with a spatula or spoon to extract the seedling. If at the same time removed a few plants, primarily dive the strongest and most developed.
3. Seedlings of pepper is placed in the hole so that the roots freely and smoothly settled down in the soil.
4. Planting depth of the seedling remains at the same level as before picks, because peppers do not form adventitious roots, but to rot if excessive deepening of the can.
5. The soil around the seedling gently swaged and compacted.
6. The plants are carefully watered at the roots with a little water.

Often, talking about how to dive bell peppers, you can watch the debate about whether to pinch back the Central spine of the seedling. Given the sensitivity of pepper to damage the roots, this procedure is not always justified. Valid nipping can be considered only in the case when the seedlings outgrew the spine too thin and long.

Experienced gardeners believe that even the position of the root in the soil affects the development of seedlings. Because at swordplay pepper (and other varieties) are important to monitor, so the spine is not bent or wrapped counterclockwise, which causes the stunting of seedlings. To the roots is exactly, I suggest first a little bit deeper to submerge the seedlings in soil, and after seeding the ground a little pulling it out, causing the spine taking the right position and aligned.

Care of seedlings of pepper after a dive

Planning when to dive seedlings of pepper, you have to consider that after the pick plants already in separate cups placed in a warm bright place, but pritenyayut from the sun in the first 2-3 days. If, after transplanting the seedlings will be located in the same place where had stood before, the adaptation process will be faster than in the case when transplanted peppers are transferred to the rearing in a greenhouse with a different microclimate.

A special role in the cultivation of seedlings plays timely application of fertilizers. The first dressing of pepper after the pick is made after 10 days. For this purpose, a solution of 10 g of ammonium nitrate, 40 g of superphosphate and 30 g of potassium sulfate in 10 liters of water. For each plant be enough 50-100 ml of solution. Before and after fertilizing seedlings abundantly watered with clean water. Also for fertilizer use wood ash and infusion of nettle. If necessary, you can conduct a fertilizer with micronutrients. For example, an aqueous solution, in which 10 l of water is added 1-2 g of boric acid, 2 g of copper sulfate, 0.5 to 1.5 g of sulfate of zinc and 1.5-2 g of potassium permanganate.

If seedlings are grown in separate pots, then feed her for the first time at the stage of two true leaves. Re-fertilizer contribute after 10-12 days.

Pepper cultivation without pricking

The pick of sweet pepper, as well as other species, is rarely complete without at least minimal damage to the roots of the plants. Many gardeners try to avoid this procedure and initially sown seedlings in individual cups of sufficient size. Because when you dive pepper, sown in the common bowl, the time comes, they don't need to worry about that, because the plants sown in a separate container individually, with the onset of stable warm weather, you can simply pass with the soil directly in the garden bed. Usually the sowing of pepper without picks is 2-3 seed in a pot and then grown from the shoots to leave the strongest. Care of such seedlings is simple and allows to obtain a good harvest.

When growing pepper swordplay often becomes an integral part of farming this plant that require careful approach to the implementation of all its phases.published

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