7 mistakes when growing seedlings

Growing seedlings – exciting process, which causes a lot of emotions. Some gardeners love it, the second I treat it as a mandatory stage in the cultivation of plants, others can't stand and avoided, but all understand that to grow in the Siberian latitudes of many beautiful and healthy plants on the plot without seedlings is impossible.

The seedlings should be sturdy and chunky, with well-developed root system and a thick, strong stem.To grow this for everyone, it does not need any special skills – the desire and a little knowledge, – says Professor HAU Northern Zauralye Lyudmila Ladeva. – The only thing that prevents is the mistakes made by gardeners when growing seedlings.



Mistake # 1. Thickening of crops
Consequences – weak, elongated seedlings. Dense crops are more often susceptible to diseases. Moreover, the seedlings do not have enough space for normal development, they lack power and as a result of growing unevenly, become very fragile, elongated.


Mistake # 2. Violation of the conditions of cultivationExcessive watering may cause rotting of the roots and destruction of young plants of various diseases such as blackleg. To the death will result and watering of seedlings is extremely cold, not water supernatant. It should be at room temperature.

To provide adequate lighting, container seedlings must be put on the sun, ideally South of the sill.

For normal development, most of the seedlings enough of a temperature of about +20°C.

Mistake # 3. Underestimating the role of dressings you Can use different solutions of fertilizer at low concentration. Before fertilizer, soil in containers should be lightly watered with ordinary water, not to burn fertilizers fragile roots.

Mistake # 4. Ignoring the diseases of seedlings
As soon as you notice that the seedlings became sickly, the leaves fall, darkens the trunk, there were other signs of trouble, must as soon as possible to stop the disease.

For prevention, try to take care of the seedlings beforehand

  • prepare free from infections soil mix with the addition of "Trichoderma", "Gliclazide" or their analogues,
  • treat the seeds before sowing
  • the very seedlings regularly watered the same "Trichoderma" or similar drugs.

Mistake # 5. Belated swordplay seedlings
Most plants grown seedling method, you must dive, when they had their second true leaf. This is done in order to increase the area of food and give the plants ability to evenly develop the aerial part.

In the first 2-3 days after the pick young seedlings must be protected from direct sunlight, protected from direct sunlight. Swooping, plants bury up to the cotyledons, and (if possible) about 1/3 of length of pruned roots. Do not shorten fleshy thick roots, the failure of which will entail the death of seedlings. The first time watering it after the pick is approximately on the 5th day, and feed only after it starts to grow.

Of course, some plants dive is not worth it – this procedure will only retard their growth. This is especially true of seedlings of cucumbers and peppers, which sick for a long time after the pick.

Mistake # 6. Neglecting the hardening
Ignoring this "event" can cause a seemingly healthy and strong seedlings in the open ground is simply not accustomed or it will ruin the first light frosts. So a few days before planting in a permanent place, the seedlings must be tempered. Note that this should be done gradually, every day a little increasing the time during which the plants are outdoors.

Mistake # 7. Overgrown seedlings Then, she stretches and weakens. But the problem is an overgrown seedling is not even that to transplant it to a permanent location more difficult (especially for tall seedlings of tomatoes, which then starts to break down at the time of transplant), and that it survives poorly.

If the time of transplanting in the ground is approached, and in some circumstances to plant it to permanent you can't simply limit the watering. Of course, to completely abandon it is not necessary – just try to reduce the frequency of watering and quantity of water, making sure that the soil doesn't dry out.

To halt the growth of seedlings and hardening, because the decrease in air temperature also causes a delay in the growth of plants.published


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